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Earlier this month, Taiwan’s young working-holiday young Yang Xia Xiao, who was rescued by falling into the Uluru rock crevice, has returned to Taiwan for treatment, but left a very expensive Australian souvenir-8.4 Australian dollars for medical expenses. The bank did not purchase travel insurance.

27-year-old Yang Chenggong deviated from the marked trail while climbing the Uluru boulder on June 6, accidentally fell into a crack in the rock, and was rescued by a helicopter by the authorities and received expensive treatment in the hospital in Alice Springs.

According to reports, Yang Chengxian suffered multiple fractures throughout his body, including his face, chest and limbs, when he fell, but he did not have travel insurance or medical insurance to help pay for medical expenses.

Although a spokesperson for the Australian Central Medical Services (CAHS) was unable to confirm the specific amount Yang will be forced to pay, his family told Taiwanese media that he was asked to pay A$1.2 while in Australia and still owed about A$8.4. The spokesperson confirmed that the bill will be enforced. "Patients such as foreign tourists are not eligible for Medicare in Australia and are responsible for paying for their treatment in Australia's public medical system."

"Therefore, for overseas patients treated at Alice Springs Hospital, if they do not have valid travel insurance, CAHS will set up a medical account." Although the cost of hospitalization seems to be inevitable, the Northern Territory Emergency Services (NTES) A spokesman for said that the authorities will not charge Yang Chengxing for the helicopter rescue.

"In Australia, rescued persons and their families will not be charged for search and rescue related expenses." A spokesperson for NTES said, "We have not asked for charges and will not ask for them."

According to the "Taipei Times" report, the man's family currently has no funds to repay the hospitalization expenses in Australia, and appealed for financial assistance from all walks of life. His mother told reporters: "We will repay the money when we are able." Yang Chengzhang came to Australia for working holiday. During this period, due to failing to pay premiums on time, his health insurance in Taiwan was also suspended. . Currently, he is receiving follow-up treatment in his hometown of Kaohsiung.

You know, whether you live in Australia for a long time or temporarily, it is very important to purchase insurance. International student visas must purchase insurance, which shows the importance of insurance. The Chinese who come to Melbourne should not have a fluke. Otherwise, if there is no emergency insurance, they will be like the working Chinese men in this news. Not only did they not get gold overseas, but they had to bear huge medical expenses. It would be more than a loss.

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