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Homestay was originally a system for minor students under the age of 18 who came to Australia to study alone, but now, more and more adult international students also choose homestay. So, what exactly is family accommodation, and what are its advantages and disadvantages and points to note?

The key is communication

If there is something you don’t understand, you can smile and ask politely. The family you live in will be happy to help you adjust to your new life. Remember, the family you live in will want you to live in a happy life.

The owners of Homestay have often come into contact with many foreigners, and use relatively simple English to make the guests understand, which is of great help to English beginners. After the guest and the host get acquainted with each other, they will join the party, travel together, and spend a very pleasant time together.

family situation

Living in a foreigner’s home can improve your English. Although they are ordinary families, they will definitely accept homestays only if they have better conditions than ordinary families, so the furniture and facilities will be good. The price varies slightly in various cities, about $250 a week, and it usually includes three meals. Friends don’t have to worry about eating.

Please Note

  • Australians do not discriminate, and discrimination is against Australian law

    All people are equal before Australian law. This means that men and women are equal, no matter what country they are from, they will be treated equally. Similarly, you should treat them equally. In most Australian families, both spouses have jobs. The wife is not a servant who stays at home and does housework. Generally speaking, students will be asked to do some minor things, just like their own children, such as setting the table, washing dishes, doing their own room hygiene and keeping it tidy.

  • Recycling is very common in Australia

    You may notice that the household you live in has two trash cans. Please tell you how to use these two trash cans. Ladies, please note that all sanitary products should be wrapped and placed in designated buckets. Most toilets in Australia are seat toilets. Please do not squat on them when you are using them in a host family.

  • Safety matters
  • Usually the bedroom door is not locked. If you close the door, it means telling your family that you don't want to be disturbed. If you come home before your family returns, they will give you a key to the front door. If they don't give it to you, you can ask them politely.

  • Your family and friends are visiting

    If you come to Australia with your own family, you must arrange a hotel for them in advance. You cannot ask the host family to arrange accommodation for them. This is inappropriate. If you are going to invite friends to your home, please ask the landlord for permission in advance. Generally host families do not welcome visitors (for the safety of you and the host family). In order to avoid embarrassment, please avoid taking people home as much as possible, let alone taking people home overnight.

  • Inappropriate question

    Asking some personal questions can sometimes cause embarrassment. In Australia, it is impolite to ask someone's age, occupation or religion. It is also rude to ask others how much money they make, and it is very rude to say that someone is fat or ugly. Australians respect each other and treat friends and acquaintances equally.

  • alcohol

    The legal drinking age in Australia is 18, and the penalty for drinking and driving is very serious. When you drive, the alcohol content in your blood must not exceed 0.05%, which is roughly equivalent to a glass of beer. All people who drive may be stopped by the police to check if they drink. If you are over the legal age and want to take alcohol home, you should first ask the landlord for permission. If your friend asks you to drink, you can choose to drink or not.

  • drug

    The use and carrying of drugs is illegal in Australia and can be severely punished.

  • Good manners

    When meeting acquaintances in Australia, we should greet each other and say goodbye when we break up. The host family is no exception. You should greet your landlord when you get up in the morning and go home from school, and you should also say goodbye when you leave. You cannot spit anywhere. If you want to spit, please leave the room and go to the toilet. It is polite to wipe your nose on your handkerchief or toilet paper, but it is impolite to suck your nose.

  • problem

    An acceptable way to deal with problems in Australia is to clearly explain the real situation. If the problem is not clearly explained, it will be difficult for your landlord or university staff to help you.

    We do not encourage changing families, and this is not a simple process. By understanding the landlord’s family and making appropriate changes yourself, this is good for you.

    Living in a private home, a polite and considerate attitude will be appreciated by everyone, and every member of the family should be treated and respected equally. When you need something, you should say please or please with a smile. When you get something, say thank you or thank you. This is very important.

  • Use bathroom

    Regarding the use of the bathroom, you should also ask your landlord. Australians usually shower, although most houses have bathtubs. You cannot use the bathtub and water as you like. Most homes have hot water systems. If you fill a pot of hot water, people behind may not have hot water to take a bath. 10 minutes should be acceptable, but you should ask first. You should not use the bathroom for more than 15 minutes.

  • Use phone

    Before using the phone, ask the landlord about how to pay for the phone. The easiest way to make international calls is to use a local phone. We have encountered many cases of foreign students being complained by host families. Every Chinese student represents the image of China. Please be polite, follow the rules, and do not do things that are looked down upon by others and damage the image of Chinese people.

As a boarding student, in order to follow the local customs, to a certain extent, it is necessary to abide by the host family’s living customs, work and rest time and eating habits. Don't expect homestay father and mother to spoil and spoil themselves like their biological parents. Some of their bad habits must be overcome and corrected. You can take the initiative to ask homestay mother or father so that you can pay attention in the future.

Although the homestay father and mother are not their own biological parents, they are taking care of their daily living and eating during the boarding period. They have paid a certain amount of love and care. Boarding students should respect their "parents".

Of course, homestay has a certain commercial flavor after all. If the host family’s behavior is really unsatisfactory, you don’t have to bear with it if you have any dissatisfaction, but it is best to raise it politely and settle it through peaceful negotiation.

PS: More communication and more communication will not only make you make great progress in language, but also make you better integrate into the host family!

The article is reproduced from "Australian International Student Service Center"

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