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According to the "Pioneer Sun" report, the latest data show that Melbourne's Bourke St was selected as the most frequent street in Melbourne with at least 30 crimes every week..

Last year, there were 1.2 crime incidents in Melbourne’s CBD. Data from the Crime Statistics Agency showed that Bourke St occupied 1674.The place with the highest crime incident in 18 streets of city.


The top five streets areBourke St, Swanston, Flinders, Lonsdale and Elizabeth street.


Among the crimes involving the person, Flinders St increased by 29%, Swanston St increased by 17%, and Bourke St increased by 8%.

Among these streets, the places with the highest drug crimes are Flinders Lane and Flinders St.

Even so, the crime rate of the entire city is on a downward trend.

Victoria Police Patrol Officer Paul Binyon said,In the case of growing population, it is actually very good to be able to maintain this.

"Our goal is to create a safe living atmosphere, so that everyone of different ages living in the city can feel safe." He said.

The Mayor of Melbourne said that the Melbourne City Council is also working hard to ensure that people living in the city have a sufficient sense of security.

"If it gets lively, there are 100 million people going in and out of the city every day," he said. "The more busy the place, the higher the possibility of crime, which is why there are many surveillance cameras in the city’s “hot spots”. "

News compiled from "The Herald Sun"


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