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Mercia is a nurse working in the operating room. She introduces the working process of the Australian operating room and some specific terms. But I still hope everyone is healthy and stay away from the hospital.

The day before the operation:

The hospital calls and confirms that you can go for surgery, and then reminds you of some precautions, such as bringing your consent for surgery, fasting for 6 hours, and what time to go to the hospital.

On the day of surgery:

Take the letter from the hospital and wait until the reception, the reception lady will tell you where you should go to prepare. If it is a day case, you usually go to the day procedure unit if you go home on the same day. If you need to be hospitalized, let you go upstairs to the ward.

After arriving at the preparation site, some basic medical examinations will be performed. Blood pressure, heartbeat, breathing frequency, weight, height, allergy history. Then let you change clothes. Regardless of men and women, all stripped except the underwear, and then put on the surgical gown. There will be a band on your wrist or ankle with your name, birthday and hospital number. Please be sure to verify your name and birthday. Then lay in bed in a daze.

Then when you are called, someone will push you to the Holding bay, which is another waiting place. Generally, the previous patient is about to come out of the operating room before letting you pass. The holding bay nurse or anesthesia nurse will come out and ask you to perform a pre op check and ask you the following questions:

1. 和你确认你的身份、生日、hospital ID number、过敏历史。包括花粉、动物皮毛、胶带,特别是任何会让你休克的东西。

2. 什么时候开始禁食。 一般都是提前六个小时不吃不喝。这个很重要。有些孩子的妈妈给孩子就算喝了一口水,手术也会因此而拖延,造成不必要的等待。

3. 和你确定你要做的手术。如果病人负责保存consent,请一定带来,确认上面写的是你要做的手术,特别是那些有两个眼睛两个胳膊两条腿的,请一定确定你的手术site (位置)。

4. 问你你有没有吃一些藥。有些麻醉师会提前给一些止痛藥或者让你放松的藥,或者防止胃酸的藥。如果你吃了的话请告诉护士。

5. 问你的牙齿。因为全麻的话插呼吸管(intubation)的时候用的laryngoscope可能会造成牙齿损伤。如果你有任何的假牙鬆牙补牙烤瓷牙大金牙(哦哦,很贵的),请告诉护士。

6. 问你有没有任何的首饰,包括身体部位带的金属的装饰(body piercing),他们会用胶带覆盖上。隐形眼镜最好不要戴。

7. 女士化妆问题:求求你们了千万不要大浓妆!不用带什么假睫毛,反正你麻醉了以后也会拿胶带把你的眼睛遮住,没人看啊~。做了eyelash extension的就没办法了。如果你醒来以后发现自己掉了几根毛,也真是对不起了。手脚上面有假指甲的或者polish的,请最好起码留出一个空白的指甲,因为需要用它来测你的血液含氧量 (oxygen saturation)。

8. 有戴起搏器的(pacemaker)的,请告诉麻醉医生。有哮喘的asthma,请带着自己需要的呼吸药比如ventolin之类的。有糖尿病的,需要知道你是一还是二(type I or type II),多久检查一次,是不是用insulin。一般会手术前检查一次,手术以后检查一次。

9. 手术之前有照过片子的,x ray, CT scan, etc. 请带来。有的手术因为没有片子会直接让你回家。但是,请一定带来正确的片子。如果你过来做个膝盖手术但是打开xray一看是你的肾脏!我想全体手术室人员会集体晕倒。(此乃真实事件)。

10. 比较长的手术会让你穿上一双很紧的袜子,你只需要注意袜子没有嵌进肉裡就行,把袜子履平。

11. 吃任何non steroidal anti inflammatory drug的,比如阿司匹林,一般会让你提前一周左右停止。吃warfarin或者clexane的也需要手术前提前和医生问清楚什么时候停止然后什么时候开始。有些人吃降压藥,有些麻醉医生会让你照吃不误。请提前和自己的医生问清楚。吃降血糖的一般会让你手术前那次不要吃,因为你反正也要禁食。不过这些都要和医生沟通。

Basically that's it. Then wait...wait...wait...finally be pushed forward...

Not finished yet.

After pushing forward, put a venous detention needle on your arm (I don’t know if Chinese is this, it’s intravenous cannulation anyway), and put an oxygen mask on your face. Some anesthesiologists will let you breathe in, please Breathe deeply with his mouth slowly and deeply. Then... there is no more...

At this time, you have been sent to the place you should go, and you can't control it anyway, so just enjoy your dreams~~~


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