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The first China (Shenzhen) Overseas Chinese Industry Fair (hereinafter referred to as the "Overseas Chinese Fair") has entered the countdown, and the participation in the exhibition is "full of enthusiasm." The reporter learned from the Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Business Think Tank Research Institute yesterday that the 37500 square meter exhibition area of ​​the Overseas Chinese Fair was sold out. Government investment institutions and overseas Chinese businessmen from more than 20 countries and regions will bring thousands of high-quality projects to Shenzhen to attract investment. More than 200 domestic and overseas supporting, sponsoring, co-organizing units, chambers of commerce, and societies will attend the conference.

According to Zheng Hanming, Chairman of Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Business Think Tank and Chairman of Shenzhen Shantou Chamber of Commerce, the first Chinese Overseas Chinese Fair will be held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from August 8 to 12 this year. "Single-handedly" is more of "a group of geese flying together". The largest exhibition group is a large group of 14 people from Malaysia, which has reserved a booth of nearly 200 square meters. In addition, exhibitors from Thailand, Spain, Belgium, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Russia and other places have also booked a large area of ​​booths and will send a strong lineup to participate in the event.

The exhibition also attracted extensive attention from politicians from many countries. It is reported that the Secretary of Commerce of the United Kingdom, the Director of the Barcelona Tourism Bureau, the Mayor of Toronto, Canada, the Secretary of Education of California, and the Vice Chairman of the Tahiti Government plan to attend the meeting.

Different from other exhibitions, the Overseas Chinese Fair is an industry trade exhibition specially set up for overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese businessmen. The biggest highlight of the exhibition is to give full play to the advantages of overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese businessmen, to promote high-quality overseas resources and projects for Chinese enterprises, and to promote overseas Chinese companies exploring business opportunities provide investment opportunities. At the same time, it seeks to "match bridges" for various domestic industries and project resources, and build a stage for major cities in China to show their charm.

The reporter was informed that with the help of the platform of the Overseas Chinese Fair, overseas Chinese delegations and overseas Chinese businessmen have introduced thousands of high-quality investment projects for the exhibition. These projects have high "gold content" and cover a wide range of fields, including gold, silver and copper mining, power plants, Real estate, resorts, food and energy are distributed in more than 20 countries and regions including the United States, Canada, Britain, Spain, Japan, Indonesia, Belgium, and Malaysia.

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