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Having lived in Tai O Village for so long, do you know that "sorry" is best not to say casually?

what?do not know?

Today, let the editor take you to learn: living in Australia, you do not know N taboos!

Don't just say Sorry casually!


Want to say "sorry" when you hit someone else? OK, let's talk~ But, don't turn sorry into your mantra!

Generally speaking, "I am sorry" and "Excuse me" both have the meaning of "sorry" and "sorry", but the tone of "I am sorry" is heavy, which means that you also think that you have made mistakes or mistakes.

In Chinese society, this slightly humble term may be to express a certain mood of you.But in Australia, it may be troublesome to say that, and the other party may use this as a handle to hold you accountable!At that time, you may still be speechless, blame yourself!

So, in order to avoid this kind of "losing" situation, you can say:

I have a doubt that you are correct. However, ... (I have a doubt that you are correct. However, ...)

"Outrageous and generous to treat guests"? NO NO NO!


The habit of the Chinese is that when a few friends go out together, they always rush to pay for tickets, tickets, etc.~ But if you treat Australians with such "manners", people may not appreciate it!

Because Australians will regard this situation as owing favor.It's similar to "reactive work is not rewarded"! So, if you go out with Australians, you will end up refreshingly and refreshingly with fares, meals, tips and the like!

"Kindly" gifts may do bad things!

To a certain extent, giving gifts is a meaningful thing~ You still remember the resignation of former NSW Governor Barry O'Farrell that a bottle of red wine triggered. . .


This is a classic case of "gifting and tragedy" in Australia. . . .

For example, a friend’s birthday or a colleague’s marriage can give a gift as a sign of your heart;In this way, not only will the other party not be grateful, but they will also suspect that you have other plans!If you don’t know what gift is appropriate, you can send flowers for guests or banquets. Flowers are always decent. In addition, perfumes and whiskeys are generally welcomed.

Close the door after using the bathroom? wrong!


The habit of the Chinese after using the toilet is to close the door at will. When the toilet is empty, it will be closed strictly.Australians are used to leaving a small gap on the door after using the toilet, which means that there is no one inside; if it is closed strictly, it means that there is someone inside, and others have to wait outside~

See the stranger turning his face to one side? what ru doing!


The Chinese are always a little bit alienated from strangers, and they don’t speak or say hello at will. However, Australians are accustomed to paying attention with their eyes. They should not immediately look away, or turn their faces to the side, pretending not to see.Only do this to those who are displeased and dismissive~

Hand, don't move randomly!


When greeting others to come, the Chinese habit is to beckon.But this means "goodbye" to Australians~They greeted people by pointing their palms at themselves and shaking them gently two or three times~


Australians also have many gestures, for example, make an "OK" gesture, which means "OK" and "Agree"~

"Drink and party" at high-end parties = let you go!


It is easy to lose appearance after drinking, so we can have a sense of measure at the banquet! Always maintain a gentle manner, this is the etiquette shared by Australians~ In Australian banquets, you rarely see people who are drunk. Even if you drink too much, you must persist until the banquet is over and you return to your room. Can't afford to fall back.If you fail in public, you will be looked down upon~

Hug and dance with the same sex? Stop it!


Even if you are eager to show off your dance, don't find same-sex dances, especially don't dance close to the body!This is one of Australia’s recognized social etiquettes. If you dance together with the same sex, others will definitely cast a reproachful look, unless you are really gay~

Mom said, be humble? ...!


Humility is a virtue, but too much humility can make people feel fake! So it's easy to be annoying!

Australians regard being overly modest as a synonym for hypocrisy. If a person who can speak fluent English says that his English is not good, then he speaks fluent English,Australians will think he is too! Virtual! Fake! Up!Therefore, when interacting with Australians, you should boldly speak out your abilities.One is one, and ten is ten. There is no need to be humble and polite, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

Take off your shoes So Rude in front of others!


In the presence of other people’s shoes or bare feet, this is not popular anywhere in the world~In Australia, this will be seen as a barbaric who doesn't understand etiquette! Only in one's own bedroom, or between men and women who are passionate about taking off their shoes, can it be considered harmless~If a woman takes off her shoes in front of a man, she will ignore it; if a man takes off her shoes, she will be regarded as very rude!

Hitchhiking at will? How courageous!


Don’t hitchhike at will when you travel in Australia, especially in some uninhabited ravines where the social environment is not so safe. Be careful of being robbed!

Some gangsters saw women walking on the side of the road, so they took the initiative to park, and eagerly asked for a ride.If you mistake him for good intentions, it is tantamount to getting into the mouth of a sheep. In such a situation, it is best to say coldly and refuse to talk.

Don't take the train alone late at night!


Trains in Australia are not very peaceful at night and often become a gathering place for members of the underworld. Drug addicts, thieves, and gangsters gather here!If you don't care about it, then after the accident, the police officer will not only not sympathize with you, but may also blame you for the consequences.

You must brush your teeth after eating garlic!


Australians are generally very sensitive to smells, especially the smell of garlic!Before going out, if you have eaten garlic, it is best to brush your teeth and rinse your mouth!Otherwise, it would be too rude if the garlic smells so good!

Never sensationalize!


When attending a party, don’t just talk about the topics that you care about the most!

Talking about topics that are only familiar to you can embarrass and disgust others. Talking about personal business matters and showing off will also make others feel that your vision is narrow and you don’t know anything other than your own business.During the conversation, you should look for topics of interest to everyone.

what? ! It's also wrong to see people smiling?


Smiles make people look friendly and amiable, but on some occasions, smiles often represent something, ahem~~Especially for women, it is best not to smile for no reason, because an ambiguous smile can sometimes be mistaken for a "smile", and sometimes it is mistaken for a "default" in that respect.The result caused a big misunderstanding~

Women shouldn't drink alone!


Women who drink alone can easily cause unnecessary trouble~A woman drinking alone or a group of women drinking together can easily be regarded as "a woman waiting for a man"; Some men with unruly plots may take advantage of this opportunity!

Pass in front of the cinema, remember not to walk straight!


In a narrow place, such as when you pass in front of others in a movie theater, you must say "Excuse me"; at this time,The polite posture is to turn your back to the seated person and bend over.This is different from the habit of entering Europe. Europeans must face the sitting person, bow their heads and pass by.

Sticking out your tongue is selling cuteness? Really "naive"!


Sticking out your tongue in front of others sounds like a weird action, although many girls like to do this action~ In the eyes of Australians, this is an unsightly and impolite behavior.It feels vulgar and indecent, and can even be interpreted as looking down on people,If children make mistakes, they can stick out their tongues and look innocent and cute. Adults don't make trouble! Things that damage the image must be changed no matter how small!

It seems that there are still many taboos that everyone does not understand! Today I learned new skills again, and when you encounter related scenes in the future, don't make mistakes again!


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