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Speaking of emperor crabs, people may immediately think of emperor crabs in Alaska, USA, but in fact, we are also rich in emperor crabs in Australia. Although the "famous name" of the Australian king crab is not as big as the lobster, as a high-end ingredient, the Australian king crab is attracting the attention of many crab lovers in recent years.

The "stupid" Australian Emperor Crab

An Australian fisherman caught a giant king crab in the waters of Tasmania. It weighed 15 pounds (about 6.8 kg) and had a shell width of 15 inches (about 38 cm), and it was still young at the time. During the period, it is expected that the body weight can double in adulthood. This giant king crab is named Claude.

It is reported that after the fishermen salvaged Crowder, they did not sell it to restaurants or diners, but sold it together with two other giant king crabs to an aquarium in the UK for £3000. Now that Claude has become the star of the aquarium, one has to be surprised by its huge size.


 Comparison of the size of king crab and hairy crab

The emperor crab belongs to the deep-sea crabs, with a survival depth of 850 meters and a survival water temperature of 2-5°C. The minimum water temperature that the king crab can survive is 1.4 degrees Celsius. The Australian emperor crabs are gradually "thriving" in such a "deep" and closed environment. What is really surprising is that their growth period is as long as 30 years! No wonder the meat of the Australian King Crab is so delicious.

Compared with the Alaskan Emperor Crab, which is a red spider-like monster, the Australian Emperor Crab is obviously several times larger in size, but the shell is very soft. However, those who like to eat long crab legs may be slightly disappointed, because the legs of the Australian king crab are not long and there is not much meat. The legs of the emperor crab in Australia are short and even a bit "stunned" in appearance. Except for the size, it almost subverts the impression of the domineering emperor crab we usually know.

The king crab is produced in Tasmania, Australia. It is the largest crab in the shape of the crab. It has an ugly appearance and belongs to the giant crab. The single weight of a crab is basically about 12 kg, and it is quite difficult for an adult to lift it.

The emperor crab can grow up to 8 to 10 kilograms in weight. This is why the name "emperor crab" comes from. The smallest emperor crab in a restaurant weighs about 3 kilograms. Local restaurants charge 24 Australian dollars per pound. In this way, a Cancer cost more than two thousand yuan. The Big Mac is really worth a lot, but for the delicacy of the world, it's also worth being a glutton.

"Ruthless" fat, "ruthless" delicious 


The Australian King Crab is red-black in color, creamy and fleshy, and the crab meat is firm and refreshing. King crab is the top grade among seafood and the king among crabs. General king crabs are as small as 5 catties or more, so it is best to eat more than one crab. Two large tongs are steamed, because steaming can best show the deliciousness of king crab. The emperor crab claws are very big, so they are usually eaten with a spoon after serving. Each bite is crab meat, which can highlight the sweetness of the meat.


For the Chinese, the emperor crab can be fried with ginger and spring onion, or used in porridge. But there is another simple method in Australia, which is to directly cook the king crab soup. The oil reserves in the crustacean of the king crab are the richest of all crabs. When cooking, cook for a while to fully boil the oil and make the soup taste more delicious and enjoy the flavor of the king crab.

The locals in Australia generally use the clear soup to cook it directly. The crab is cooked and eaten. The deliciousness of the crab meat is simply indescribable. Every bite is so filling! After eating almost, drink some soup, the soup is clear and thick. The crab meat complements each other perfectly.


The hind legs and crab body are baked with soup or cheese and noodles. Compared with steaming, the western taste is heavier and the taste contrasts with the sweetness. In addition, the king crab crab meat is more powerful than lobster. The delicious noodles are even more delicious. Finally, the crab shells are steamed with egg whites in Huadiao wine, a spoonful, and there are egg whites and crab paste. The mouth is fragrant and full of umami. It must be the favorite of those who love paste.

Small Encyclopedia: The difference between king crab and king crab 


Alaska king crab has long legs and legs, bright red in color, and a small crab body 

Many people can't distinguish the king crab from the king crab. In fact, the king crab generally refers to the Kamchatka stone crab, which is not a real crab, but belongs to the stone crab family Decapoda. The emperor crab refers to the giant crab, born in Australia, and belongs to the family Decapoda Brachyura. The two should not be confused.

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