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According to a report by The Australian on Friday, workers from India, the UK and China are lining up to win the Australian job. The number of 457 work visa applicants has jumped by 15% in a year.

The Ministry of Immigration has approved work visas for thousands of engineers and nurses in the past year, although the Ministry of Employment has cancelled the “skill shortage” status of engineers and nurses. Despite the high unemployment rate in Australia, data from the Department of Immigration shows that 150 million temporary immigrants-including international students, 457 visa holders and backpackers-have the right to work in Australia.

Nearly one-fifth of the technicians, technicians, miners, catering industry workers and professional workers are foreigners holding a 4-year 457 visa. Foreign workers with short-term contracts now account for one-twentieth of the workforce in Australia’s IT sector.

Australia’s unemployment rate is now 6%, and 8.5% of the labor force is underemployed, eager to increase the workload. According to the latest data from the Department of Immigration, the number of 457 visa applicants has soared by 15%. In the nine months to March this year, a total of 3 applications were submitted, compared with 4 in the same period last year.

Catering, IT and technology industries contributed to this increase. Applications from the hotel and catering industries increased by 37%, applications from the IT industry increased by 31%, and applications from professionals, science and technology industries also jumped by 27%.

Half of the applicants are from India, the United Kingdom and China. In the nine months to March, more than a quarter of 3 visas were granted to foreign students and backpackers already living in Australia.


According to data provided to the Senate’s work visa system hearings, in the nine months to March, the Immigration Department approved 3 temporary work visas for nurses and 832 visas for engineers.

总体而言,自2011年以来,共有8667名外籍护士被授予了457签证——而2011年是就业部门 发现澳洲短缺护士的最后一年。自当局于2013年从技能短缺名单中删除工程师之后,共有5935名外籍工程师被授予457签证。

News compiled from "The Australian"

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