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When you go abroad, you will inevitably have to face the issue of immigration. Australia welcomes a large wave of immigrants every year.

However, everyone seems to have a little understanding of some of the immigration rules, and they don't know what the differences are.

Today, the editor will give you a detailed breakdown.What are the differences between "temporary residence visa", "permanent residence visa" and "nationality".


"Temporary Residence"= Obtained the right to stay abroad for a short time;

"Permanent residence"= Got a "green card";

"Country of Citizenship"= Completed the status conversion and became an Australian citizen.


From the perspective of visa categories:

【Australia Temporary Residence Visa】

1. Australia 457 employer sponsored immigration
2. 188 business investment visa

Holders of the above two Australian temporary residence visas canA one-time work visa for up to four yearsOrDo business and invest in Australia within the validity period of the visa;

In addition, this type of visa allows the holder to bring family members to Australia for work or study; within the validity period, they can travel to and from Australia freely; after meeting certain conditions, they can apply for permanent residency.

【Australia permanent residence visa】
1. Australian employer sponsored immigrant 186 visa
2. 187 visa
3. Australian business investment immigration 888 visa

Permanent residence is a right, this rightLet people who have obtained permanent residency live in the country forever and enjoy the same treatment as citizens of that country in many respects.

Work or study in Australia?

Enjoy Australian medical insurance?

Sponsor other relatives to become permanent residents?

Free to enter and leave Australia within 5 years?

Apply for Australian citizenship?


As long as you meet the requirements, these are not problems!


From the perspective of identity:

The difference between the rights enjoyed by the two is mainly reflected inFive aspects:

1. The right to vote;
2. Right to be elected
3. Join the army;
4. Be elected as a member of the jury;
5. Engage in some special jobs of the government (such as intelligence personnel).

Permanent residents do not have the above five rights or obligations, but citizens have.

Other differences between permanent residence and citizenship:

Permanent residence:Valid for 5 years, free entry and exit within 5 years. The visa must be renewed after the expiration date, provided that the visa must have lived in Australia for 5 years in the past 2 years.One of the parents is a permanent resident of Australia:If the child was born in Australia,Then the child is born an Australian citizen;If the child was born in a foreign country,Then the child is a foreign citizen and of course can apply for an Australian green card in the future.


citizen:Regardless of whether you live in Australia or not, you will remain Australian citizenship for life and be protected by Australian consulates abroad.One of the parents is an Australian citizen,No matter where the child is born (such as China), the child is born as an Australian citizen.

Holding an Australian permanent residence visa does not mean that you will naturally acquire Australian citizenship, nor will you lose your Chinese citizenship as a result, but you will continue to hold your Chinese passport and maintain your Chinese citizenship.

Simply put,Chinese citizens holding Australian permanent residence visas = overseas Chinese;

Permanent residents become Australian citizens = Australian Chinese.

According to the Australian Constitution, Australian citizens can have multiple nationalities.This shows that when citizens of other countries apply for naturalization as Australian citizenship, they can retain their original nationality as long as the laws of their country of origin allow them; conversely, when they apply for naturalization as other nationalities, they can also retain Australian citizenship.

Citizens with dual citizenship need to be aware that while enjoying the rights of the country, they are also responsible for fulfilling the obligations of the citizens of that country.


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