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According to the "Herald Sun" report, the government stated at the beginning of this year that Easter Sunday will be a public holiday, and retail employees and public officials who are on duty on that day will receive overtime pay. Later, the Andrews government promised to make the day before the Australian Football Finals a public holiday.

The addition of public holidays may cause loss of productivity and other economic costs as much as A$7.17 million. In addition, the loss of wage costs for private companies is expected to be 2.52 million to 2.86 million Australian dollars.

However, according to a report on the impact of new public holidays, it is expected that the new public holidays will bring at least A$3.12 million in economic benefits. If the government considers other factors, the benefits of the new holidays will be "much higher." These include the expected additional revenue of A$5100 million from the tourism industry in rural Victoria, and the expected increase of A$4900 million in revenue through "complementary sporting events and activities".

Although some business groups oppose the addition of public holidays, the current Governor Daniel Andrews has promised to add these two holidays. It is reported that the government will not formulate new relevant laws to determine public holidays, which means that the government will simply announce the specific time of public holidays. However, the government will publish a report on the impact of the holiday.

Before that, according to the government, the new public holidays will bring certain economic benefits and stimulate the development of tourism.

News compiled from "The Herald Sun"

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