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Melbourne Collector's Guide-Catch Crabs

Crabs in winter are fat and fresh. Crabs have less food in winter. They are all dumb and stupid. Basically, you can get them off the net!640-919

Before: Preparation

If you want to catch crabs, you must prepare
Check the weather☁
Choose one day/two days, say a sunny departure.
Experienced hands say:If it rains heavily the day before, don’t catch crabs

Recommended weather forecast website:

Official Weather Bureau of Victoria:http://www.bom.gov.au/vic/forecasts/melbourne.shtml


Book accommodation
Recommended hotel website:

Experienced hands say:To rent a kitchen


Fishing license
Must buy fishing license!没有钓鱼证=违法=罚款= 各大超市有售!Experienced hands say:I usually buy it onlinehttp://www.depi.vic.gov.au/fishing-and-hunting/recreational-fishing/fishing-licence


1. 螃蟹网 Crab Net
Available at Kmart/Available at local fish shop640-920

2. 延长尼龙线
The extension cord can spread the crab net farther. Available at Kmart/Available at local fish shop640-921

3. 超厚手套
Necessary when closing the net and grabbing crabs640-922

4. 水桶/塑料箱
Loot storage! Let the crabs go with the ice!640-923

5. 防晒用品
The Australian sun, everyone knows! Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses are essential!640-924

6. 饵
The chicken shelf is crab's favorite! Whether it smells or not, they love it! You don’t need to prepare this in advance, just buy it at the local supermarket640-925

7. 调味料
Seasonings for the crab dinner at night640-926

一. 出发

You are ready to go!
Crabs can be caught in many places in Lake Entrance.
Recommended by experienced veterans:Sandblasting wharf on Bullock Island

Landmark building:Wooden trestle


Victoria has relevant regulations: each card = 2 nets each net = 30 / 1L

So one card = 60 crabs/2L crabs

Find a place where there is no rock, or you will get stuck!
Close the net
Collect the net once every 5-10 minutes, each time you close the net fast, ruthlessly, and hard!
Umbilical cord
The chicken shelf has been long and needs to be replaced.
Remember to keep the trophy in an incubator with ice.640-928640-929

Never heard of returning empty-handed!

In fact, everything is available locally, including ww and coles, so you don't need to prepare in advance for chicken racks.
There is a fish shop next to ww:Fishing license, crab net, rope, everything
Remember to buy the cable to connect to the network, it needs to be very long!

Remember to buy an iron hook or a plastic tie with a logo to hook the chicken rack and the net together

woolworth/safeway: 5 minutes drive away from the crab catching place

Note: Stay away from the old man fishing! Influence them, they will go crazy!

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