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【train】Through the center of the world

In the red desertPilgrimage]

Onworld CenterCalling for love,

Pursuing the touch of red that day

Driving onOn the Red Gobi.

Enjoy the different scenery

[Hongcheng Exclusive | Special Itinerary for Train Crossing the Australian Desert]

[Uluru] A mysterious place in Australia, also known as the Scarlet Center of the World♥.

It is a must-visit place to come to Australia.

[First-line movies]

Australian sister Nicole Kidman and Wolf Uncle Jackman used to shoot the blockbuster "Australia" here

[Fashion Magazine Trend]

Vogue magazine shoots a fashion cover. Will Davidson and Vogue's fashion director Christine Centenera also shoot fashion covers here.

【Place of Royal Tour】

Prince William and Princess Kate also stopped here.

【Love in the Center of the World】

The smashing Japanese novel "Calling for Love in the Center of the World" was also put on the screen and shot here.

[Little yellow people are here too]

The little yellow people who had just been released some time ago also came to Uluru for a circle...

The center of the world is calling for love, chasing a touch of red on the horizon! [Hongcheng Exclusive Train Crossing the Australian Desert Special Itinerary] Take you to a different scenery!

[Itinerary Introduction]

On the first day, the plane arrived in Uluru, headed to Kata Tjuta Stonehenge in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, hiked to the Walpa Canyon among the boulders, and watched the Uluru sunset on the big rocks at night.

On the second day, head to the Valley of the Kings, visit Table Mountain, Red Center and other attractions along the way, arrive at Wattaka National Park in the Valley of the Kings in about 3 hours, and then start hiking and exploring the ridge of the Valley of the Kings. You can admire steep red rocks, deep canyons, visit the Eden Garden with a desert oasis, and then return to the hotel.

On the third day before sunrise, take the car and the guide to the sunrise viewing point to watch the sunrise on the Ayers rock, and then watch the Mutitjulu water pool where the indigenous people drink. In the afternoon, drive to Alice Springs, watch the strange inland scenery along the McDonald Range-Road, and finally arrive at Alice Springs, a city built to connect South Australia and Darwin with a break station. check in to a hotel.

On the fourth morning, visit the West MacDonnell Mountains to explore and experience the picturesque Simpsons Gap-the most famous scenic spot in the area. Back to Alice Springs, take the opportunity to return in the afternoon. (Airplane or train after 12:30). Head to Adelaide.

GHAN Central Train

On the fifth day, at 3.30pm in the afternoon, take a luxury sightseeing bus at Adelaide Central Station (or pick up guests from a designated hotel in the city of Adelaide), passing through the McLaren Valley, which is famous for its wine, and along the beautiful mountains and seas The scenic Phil Avenue arrives at Zevis Point Pier, the southernmost tip of the Phil Peninsula, ready to take a ferry. After a 45-minute ferry ride across the strait to Pennyshaw on Kangaroo Island, tourists will have a special car to pick you up to the hotel to rest and have dinner at your own expense.

Day XNUMX Kangaroo Island Highlight Tour

After having breakfast at the hotel in the morning, wait for the tour bus to start the day's journey at 8:30am in the hotel lobby. The tourist bus then traveled along the scenic highway to the Seal Bay Conservation Park. You can take a stroll in the conservation park to admire the habitat of Australian seals and admire the baby seals, or take part in the "Get Closer to Baby Seals Tour" explained by the park commissioner at your own expense, allowing you to see the seals nurturing the next generation up close. Then proceed to have lunch.

In the afternoon, head to Flinders Chase National Park, which is famous for its native Australian flora and fauna. After arriving at the park, the tour bus will take you to the Admirals Arch, a masterpiece of nature. Below the rock face of the cliff suspended by the arch, New Zealand fur seals can be seen playing in the water or resting on the rocks, so uncomfortable. In addition, you will also visit the Remarkable Rocks that seem to be crumbling granite stone forests formed by thousands of years of wind, rain and sea washing. You can take photos in the rock formations, one of the natural wonders.

In the evening, take the ferry to Cape Zevis (dinner at your own expense), and the coach will take you back to Adelaide. Arrive in the city center at approximately 10:30pm.

Barossa Canyon Day Tour

After breakfast at the hotel, please meet up with the Chinese driver guide in the hotel lobby to visit the Canyon Wildlife Park (at your own expense) to feed the kangaroos and take a picture with the koala in your hand. Afterwards, proceed to visit the beautiful "Echo Wall" (the echo wall is not open for high temperature weather over 34 degrees). At noon (own expense), enjoy the local Australian rock barbecue specialties. After lunch, (at your own expense) participate in a vineyard tour with a Chinese-guided tour of Jacques Winery. In the afternoon, continue to visit the gourmet shop of the famous Australian chef Maggie Beer and visit the Penfolds winery and taste various red and white wines. After the end, the car will return to the hotel to rest.


Optional items:

Uluru upgrade5Star Hotel, Adelaide Upgrade4Star hotel, additional charge per personAUD120.00

Adelaide Murray River Itinerary

After breakfast in the hotel, meet up with the Chinese driver guide in the hotel lobby, go to the pier on the banks of the Murray River, board a steamer for a 1.5-hour journey on the Murray River. While enjoying the magnificent bank scenery of Murray River on the steamboat, you can also enjoy a leisurely Western-style lunch. Then go to German Village (own expense) for afternoon tea. (You can change the Barossa Winery itinerary to Murray River itinerary for free, AUD85 for adults and AUD75 for children).

Kangaroo Island Two Days One Night Itinerary

Take a tour of Kangaroo Island on the first day.

After having breakfast at the hotel the next morning, wait for the tour bus in the hotel lobby at 9:00am to start the day's journey. You will visit Clifford'sHoney Farm to taste the honey extracted from pure Ligurian bees. Visit the Emu Ridge eucalyptus oil refinery. Afterwards, head to the Little Sahara Desert to enjoy the desert wonders on the island piled up by sea sand. At noon, go to the lobster farm to visit freshwater lobster farming, after which you can also enjoy a freshwater lobster meal (at your own expense).

[Two people set off every day]

Package Type:

Adult: $ 1810

Children: $1530

*Note: The fee for single group participation is limited to one person participating in the group. If more than 2 guests register at the same time and require single accommodation, only the single room difference is required. Single group participation is subject to special conditions. *Please consult your travel consultant before signing up *Please refer to the precautions for the rules for children not occupying the bed

【Fee included】

The price includes: 6 nights hotel and breakfast, airport pick-up, train station pick-up, Chinese tour guide and transportation included in the itinerary, Uluru Park ticket, telegraph relay station, sunrise hot tea, and sunset champagne snacks. Kangaroo Island round-trip ferry ticket, Seal Bay Conservation Park ticket, Flinders Chase National Park ticket, 1 night on Kangaroo Island 3.5-star hotel including breakfast.

Round-trip air ticket, train ticket, tour guide tip (5 Australian dollars per person per day); meals and attractions not mentioned in the itinerary or specified as self-care, accommodation, projects and transportation outside the itinerary, due to personal reasons, strikes, weather, political factors, Additional expenses caused by war, disaster or other irresistible factors, all purely private consumption (such as telephone bills, laundry fees, etc.)

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