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Australia has also become one of the most popular options for studying abroad. Many children's shoes studying in Australia want work-study programs. How can they get part-time jobs? Come take a look at the experience sharing of the predecessors compiled by the education abroad consultant for everyone.

Correct understanding of part-time work

1. Many people (including international students) think this way: students who do not work seem to be not real international students; studying abroad without working experience is not the real studying abroad life. Therefore, the vast majority of international students join the ranks of part-time workers. How much money they earn is not their ultimate goal, but experience is what they really need.

2. Although part-time work is hard work, it has become an important way for international students to understand Australian society, exercise social activity ability, improve personal strong psychological quality, and increase income. Almost all international students in Australia have had part-time job experience.

3. In the past, a student who "stretched his hands with clothes and opened his mouth with food" gradually tempered himself into a person with relatively strong social life ability and practical ability through part-time work. If you want to immigrate to Australia in the future, part-time job is also a necessary preparation for students' employment and immigration.

Relevant regulations for working in Australia

1. When first arriving in Australia, due to language and environmental issues, few students find a suitable job within 3 months. After all, the main purpose of studying abroad is to study, and we do not recommend that students work too early, so as not to affect their studies. Most students start looking for part-time jobs after 3 months.


3. The visa allows working hours, must be over 18 years old, and there is a student visa that allows working. Violators will cancel their student status. The school stipulates that the part-time work does not exceed 25 hours a week and the holidays can be relaxed. The minimum wage is 10 Australian dollars per hour.

If the work you are involved in is an internship prescribed by the school curriculum, then it will not be counted as less than 25 hours. (Some school courses include internships. If these internships are part of the approved courses and registered, overseas students can also participate.) Even if you are a volunteer and are not paid, the working time is calculated within 20 hours.

4. When international students go to Australia to study and start working, they will be affected by Australian tax laws.

International students must apply to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) for a Tax File Number.

To apply for a tax payment number, you need to show your certificate. If you are applying with a passport as your certificate, you need to go there in person. The application forms are available at post offices and tax offices everywhere.

For more detailed information, please contact the Australian Taxation Office.

5. When you start working, your employer will require you to provide a tax payment number within 28 days.

6. Many schools in Australia have to see that the attendance rate is less than 80%, which can be expelled from school.

Necessary preparations before working

1. Make sufficient language preparation:

Ensure that your language must pass the test. Generally speaking, the level of language determines your job.

Generally, international students have good results after taking the IELTS test in China, but when they start looking for a job, they often feel that their language is not very good.

Especially in the service industry, the requirements for English are naturally higher. Chinese businesses require you to speak multiple dialects. For example, most restaurant workers expect you to speak Cantonese. If you know Japanese or Shanghainese, it is better than A little more chance for others.

2. Need to have good psychological quality:

When you start looking for a job, you don’t want to find it quickly and smoothly. Under normal circumstances, you have to go through a process. At this time, you must not be discouraged or discouraged. You must stick to it, face it correctly, and calmly analyze and think about finding a job. In order to improve the success rate of the next job search.

When you start working, you may meet a good employer, but you may also meet a grumpy and tricky employer. At work, the employer’s eyes will always be fixed on you, constantly picky and urging, and some employers also swear from time to time. In the face of such an employer, you can only accept helplessly and work non-stop. It is best to smile and nod to the employer.

It is common to be wronged, so be patient. Of course, if the employer really damages your personality to a certain extent, you should also have the correct response to defend your dignity.

3. Must have a body capable of enduring hardship:

International students work part-time, and they have a lot of physical work, and there is usually no rest from the beginning to the end of each job. Therefore, for the international students who just started to work, they will definitely experience backaches and weakness.

During the summer vacation, some international students will go to farms in South Australia or Queensland to do some picking work. Although the income is relatively high, the working hours are relatively long, usually about 10 hours. So you not only need to have the mentality of suffering, but also Have a strong body.

Channels to find a job

I started to look for a job. Due to language restrictions, most students got their first job with a Chinese employer. This kind of work has a poor language environment and low pay (usually 8-10 Australian dollars/hour), and it is not a long-term part-time job. Ideal place.

If your English proficiency permits, apply for jobs in a pure English environment as much as possible. Such jobs will not only have higher salaries, but also have a significant effect on improving your language skills.

1. Find a job from house to house

For international students who work no more than 25 hours a week, this is a cost-saving and efficient way to find a job.

Go directly to the company and ask in the store if there is a part-time job. If this company is in need of hiring people, they will write down your phone number, and soon, in most cases, the next day, you can start trial work.

2. Job advertisements in Australian newspapers

There are many part-time jobs in newspapers, which are classified by industry. Applicants can select the corresponding position according to their own conditions and directly contact the employer by telephone, mail, or post.

3. The most convenient way is to find a job online

The websites of several employment agencies that are commonly used in Australia. These websites will have special part-time job search bars. Students can choose according to their area. Part-time jobs with greater demand are mainly concentrated in catering, cleaning, packaging, etc.

4. Through a job intermediary

At the initial stage of coming to Australia, due to the unfamiliar place of life and the limited amount of information, you can also entrust a job agency to find a job. Usually they will charge a service fee to guarantee a job. Service until you find a job.

5. Participate in social activities, recommended by friends

In some small and medium businesses in Australia, the owner opens a shop and hires several employees. When business is booming, more people are needed to help. Usually existing employees recommend their friends is a common recruitment method. Therefore, I usually make more friends and participate in social activities inside and outside the school as much as I can to increase my chances of finding a job.

6. Employment counseling room in the university

The school is not obligated to help students find a job, but there will be career counseling rooms in the university. If students are interested, they can look for part-time job opportunities there. In addition, some job opportunities will be posted on the campus notice board. But overall the school provides very few job opportunities.

7. Use the above methods in an organic combination

8. Participate in some professional training, local qualification certificates

Because many jobs in Australia require local qualifications, most of the jobs that international students can get are relatively junior manual labor. Of course, if everyone is willing to invest a part of the funds and energy to participate in some professional training, the situation will be greatly improved. .

For example, if you spend about 1500 Australian dollars and a month of vacation time to study for a primary certificate of care worker, the intermediary agency responsible for training will help you arrange 20 hours of part-time work per week, generally doing some care in the elderly care center The work of the elderly is not tiring, but the hourly wage is around 20 Australian dollars, and the holiday is higher. This method is very good for students who are preparing to study in Australia for a long time.

Precautions for part-time work

1. Part-time work requires effort. If you cannot allocate time reasonably, you should give up and do not affect your study.

2. Generally, the jobs that can be found in Australia are waiters, waiteress, cleaner and casher. Therefore, don't be inferior to the master, this will not only find a job, it may distort your soul.

3. Although foreigners are more humane, they take things seriously and will not allow too many mistakes to occur, so it is important to be careful.

4. Restaurants are dangerous. Wearing leather shoes and trousers can at least protect you.

5. Sign labor contracts to strengthen self-protection awareness.

There is a difference in wages when working in a shop opened by a Chinese boss and an Australian boss. Most Chinese restaurant owners do not sign labor contracts when hiring employees, and they do not need to pay taxes when paying wages.

Failure to sign contracts encourages the "criticism". Illegal workers may hide in any store, but in view of the special "work nature" that needs to be "concealed", the restaurant's back kitchen has become the preferred type of work for illegal workers.

Illegal work is not a wise choice. Immigration Bureau found out that I was going to be sent back to the country, so don’t go to China town for work, because 80% of them are illegal work.

6. To find a job, you can entrust an intermediary in a big city. The intermediary fee is not high, but you must be cautious. It's best not to find a local Chinese employment agency because you are eager to find a job. They will generally charge you an agency fee of around 200 Australian dollars. However, many agencies are not standardized enough in service. You should be careful.

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