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When it comes to Australia, everyone first thinks of high-quality milk powder and health products. You may not know that Australia's weight loss products are also quite famous! Today I recommend to you some good weight loss products in Australia to help you lose weight in the summer ⚡️⚡️⚡️

1, Meal Replacement

Recommended Brand

Optislim, Fatblaster

Optislim Weight Loss Shake
Low-calorie super fast weight loss meal replacement (1-2 per dayMeal instead of dinner)

Optislim weight loss milkshake advocates healthy weight loss. The product is a pure natural formula without any artificial additives and coloring. It tastes delicious and rich in nutrients. It contains 25 vitamins and minerals, so there is no need to worry about affecting your health when taking meal replacements. At the same time, its high-content protein ingredients can help you reduce fat and weight while maintaining healthy muscles without fat and low fat. So it is definitely suitable for those office elites who lack exercise and sit in front of the computer all day!

This is good for the taste and taste, and you can drink it without worry. Losing weight while eating sweets can't be more beautiful! As long as you strictly follow the eating method to replace the meal, you can easily lose 2-3 kg a week! You can choose to substitute breakfast or dinner, I am afraid that all three meals are not enough. There are 4 flavors: chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and coffee. I personally think that chocolate and vanilla taste the best.

Fatblaster coconut water
Lose 2 pounds in 4 days! This is the promise that the magical weight loss coconut water gives you!

It is no exaggeration to say that this is the most famous weight loss product on the Australian market! Coconut water is not a simple weight-loss medicine. It advocates fasting, which is very popular in the world in recent years, to purify the blood and expel toxins through fasting to achieve the effect of weight loss. Passed Australian medicine test, natural ingredients contain coconut and wolfberry without side effects. Not only are many European and American celebrities drinking it, but it is also very popular in Australia! Coconut weight loss water will feel full when you drink it. Coconut has a strong taste. If you are hungry when drinking, it is recommended to eat only fruits and vegetables instead of any beverages.


Fatblaster raspberry water
Known as "Australian Red Magic Water"!Body fat burning and slimming juice!

Raspberry is also called raspberry, it containsSoluble fiber pectin, Can maintain normal physiological metabolism and detoxification, and herAntioxidant FlavonoidsCan drive away excessive free radicals in the body. And containsTrace elements and potassium salts, Can help regulate the pH of the body and avoid accumulation of moisture in the lower body. And the most worth mentioning is that she containsanthocyanin, It can inhibit the inflammation caused by the excessive growth of certain bacteria and fungi in the body. These shining points are unmatched by other fruits. Fatblaster raspberry water is used100% natural raspberriesRefined, it is a brand new research and development of Australia's Naturo Pathica brand, exclusive patented technology. Safe natural berry slimming ingredients can accelerate the body's metabolism, promote gastrointestinal motility, eliminate toxins, anti-oxidation and edema, etc., and promote weight loss safely and effectively. There are also quite good whitening effects!

One bottle is 8 times, with a scale ~ just drink with water! It can replace part of the catering to double the effect! Do not exceed 6 times a day. You can also take it with coconut water!

2. Appetite Control

Recommended brands Swisse, Blackmores, Healty&Care, Fatblaster

Swisse Appetite Control Tablets
Cactus control appetite slimming tablets

The main ingredient of this appetite control tablet is Indian wild cactus extract, which is a natural formula that helps reduce hunger. Firmbriata is a succulent plant of the cactus family. The ancient Indians have long relied on it as a natural appetite control and a portable food for their hunting trips.

In present-day India, in the wild areas where these plants grow, local people still consume them as appetite suppressants. It is considered by the world as a kind of "Famine food", can be used to help people through the period of food shortage.

This is not a weight-loss product. The Swisse company advocates healthy weight loss. It is not to let you not eat, but to let you eat less. Eating a small amount of food will make you feel full, rather than let you lose nutrition through weight loss. . Especially for girls who are prone to weight, it is not easy to control their weight. It is imperative to choose a natural and healthy appetite control product!

Blackmores Weight-less capsules


Natural Health Almighty Weight Loss Tablet

Blackmores Almighty Slimming Tablets contains hydroxycitrate complex (HCC), a substance derived from the shell of the tamarind fruit (a fruit from Southeast Asia) on the coast of Malabar (a coastal area in southwest India). This is a brand new and patented Right component. Clinical trials of this product have proved that if combined with a calorie-controlling diet and exercise program during the course of taking, it can effectively increase fat oxidation, reduce fat accumulation in the body, reduce appetite and help maintain normal cholesterol levels. This ingredient can also increase the content of complex amines in the blood (to regulate and control appetite and restore normal diet).

Unlike other weight loss products, this productDoes not contain caffeine and guarana that stimulate the central nervous system. The HCC component is very easy to dissolve and can be quickly absorbed by the body.

The Blackmores series has been snatched up in China, and its natural health ingredients are sought after by many girls in the celestial dynasty! This slimming capsule is made of high-viscosity fiber components that stay in the digestive tract, which can reduce food contact with the intestinal wall, thereby reducing the absorption of fat. In order to get better results, it is necessary to control the intake of calories and to allocate the right amount of exercise to achieve the perfect slimming plan.

Swisse/Healty&Care African Mango Seed
Natural "Leptin" to control appetite

Cameroon is the only place in the world that produces African mangoes. This brightly colored tropical fruit is only produced in the tropical rain forests on the west coast of Cameroon. African mango, also known as shrub mango, is different from other mangoes in that it produces a special kind of seed, which locals in Cameroon call "Dika nuts". For hundreds of years, the medicinal value of this oil extract from wild mango seeds has been widely used by local villagers in Cameroon.

In addition, the essence of African mango seeds is rich in weight-loss fiber and"Leptin",canAffect survival metabolism, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and control appetite.

After taking it for a few days, you will find that your appetite is not as strong as before! Because the natural "leptin" in the product will release a satiety message to the brain, you will reduce your desire for food. African mangoes have become the latest craze in the weight loss market. Even some of the biggest Hollywood stars agree with the slimming effect of African mango!

3. Fat burning and weight loss

Recommended Brand


Swisse Fat Burning Slimming Three Musketeers
Raspberry Raspberry + Garcinia Cambogia + Green Coffee Bean, natural extraction, fat burning and slimming.


Swisse raspberry extract raspberry ketone

Raspberries, also known as raspberries and raspberries, are rich in nutrients and have significant antioxidant properties. They are known as the "fruit of the golden nobility". Raspberry ketone, the most important aromatic substance in raspberries, can further promote fat burning. The weight loss and fat burning effect is three times that of capsaicin, which effectively reduces body fat content, prevents fat accumulation and improves obesity.


Swisse green coffee bean

The extract is derived from the seeds of the Rubiaceae plant coffee. This style is made from a blend of unroasted coffee beans and Arabica coffee beans, also known as "slimming coffee", which effectively promotes metabolism, helps reduce fat storage and formation, improves fat ratio and assists fat burning.


Swisse garcinia cambogia Garcinia Cambogia Slimming

The fast-acting fat-burning ingredient HCA contained in Garcinia Cambogia can quickly activate adrenaline to increase fat consumption and decompose and burn a large amount of fat. Plant cellulose makes the stomach feel saturated and reduces food intake, thereby reducing fat accumulation caused by excessive fat intake. At the same time, the malic acid contained in it can promote the activity of mitochondrial lipolytic enzymes and quickly decompose waist, belly and buttocks. Accumulated fat reduces waist circumference.

Three products produced by Swisse with excellent "fat burning" effect. Can be used alone or together. Garcinia cambogia is the most famous among them, which is particularly effective for hip and waist fat! For those who have excessively thick abdominal fat, Garcinia Cambogia is recommended!

4. Detox and Cleanse

Recommended Brand

NU-LAX, Caruso's, Fatblaster

NU-LAX Lokang Cream
You can eat "cosmetics"

Nu-Lax Australia Lekang cream is mainly made of a variety of mixed fruits and natural plant senna leaves with the function of moistening bowel and defecation. It is brown-green, creamy, slightly sweet and has a good tasteAll ingredients are 100% organic and natural, without any artificial additives and chemicals. It is not a synthetic drug, but it has a magical and special effect on constipation.

Nu-Lax Australian Lekang ointment aims at the intestinal scales hidden in thousands of wrinkles and folds. It starts with "moisturizing" to completely dredge; it is "adjusted" to ensure unobstructed flow; it is promoted by "nourishing" and has long-term effects. Its rich fruit fiber has a better absorption and cleaning effect on intestinal dirt. When it penetrates deep into the wrinkles, it promotes efficient and deep cleansing and detoxification with its unique ability to enhance intestinal peristalsis. It is safe and convenient to achieve the effect of "large intestine hydrotherapy" by oral intestine purification.

If you suffer from "constipation" during childbirth, you must definitely try this detox product! Super effective for treating constipation! And all natural ingredients will not make you diarrhea, you can easily improve constipation in a few days and eliminate stool! After the girls take it, their complexion and skin will get better every day! The whole person will feel relaxed and happy!

Caruso's quick cleanse detox, clear intestines and burn fat
Probiotics detox!

This paragraph containsGastrointestinal Detox + ProbioticsThe scientific formula improves the body's own natural internal cleaning process. Detoxification and cleansing of stomach, intestine and liver, plus probiotics to supplement the whole intestine with beneficial natural flora. After using it, you will feel relaxed, no longer suffer from flatulence, constipation, abdominal pain, etc., and get rid of fat while detoxifying

This product is mainly through "Probiotics"Strengthen the natural peristalsis of the intestines without worrying about any side effects. There is no need to diet and special exercise. 15 days to help you expel all the accumulated toxins in the intestines! Natural weight loss!

Fatblaster fat magnet detoxification liposuction fiber slimming tablets
Crude fiber: prevent fat absorption!

FatBlaster FatMagnet contains chitosan, which is a naturally occurring soluble fiber with chemical properties similar to plant cellulose fiber. However, the cellulose in chitosan is different from other celluloses. It carries a positive ion charge. After the positive ion charge of chitin is combined with negatively charged lipids, fats and bile acids, the substances formed cannot be absorbed by the body. . It has the special ability to combine with lipids and fats. In the gastrointestinal tract, the cellulose in chitosan combines with the fat in the food to make it unable to be metabolized and absorbed, and finally excreted from the body. FatBlaster Fat Magnet also contains vitamin C, which has been proven to increase the effectiveness of chitosan, and when combined with the natural "golden cereal powder" psyllium husk, it is more conducive to the health of the digestive system.

Fatblaster is the most common and best-selling weight loss drug brand in Australian pharmacies. This fiber weight loss product is especially suitable for girls who can’t control their mouths and love high-calorie fast food and snacks. It does not contain stimulants, and there is no need to deliberately suppress appetite, it can play a role in weight loss!

Xenical Oil Pills
Fat nemesis!

Known as the worldThe safest weight loss pill.Does not enter the blood, does not act on the brain, does not reduce appetite, does not feel flustered or dizzy, does not hurt the stomach or the liver and kidneys. It just consumes the fat accumulated by itself and expels the fat that your body eats to achieve the effect of weight loss. Because Paiyou pills are prescription drugs, they need to be prescribed by professional hospitals and professional physicians to obese people who need to lose weight, so the price is high and they are rare in the market.

Diet pills that will make you "scream" after eating! For nothing else, the oil discharged can make you "visible"! The next day after taking it, you will see tangible oils being discharged from your body! Weight will also be reduced. However, this product is a prescription medicine prescribed by doctors for particularly obese patients. I still recommend it. Ordinary people use it with caution.

5, Topical products

Recommended Brand


Freezeframe slimming slimming cream
Fat eraser

Freezeframe Cellulite Cellulite Eraser helps you get rid of excess fat and restores your graceful figure, the ace of the Australian medical beauty industry. The editor knows that every woman will worry about more or less body fat and excess fat, and all she should have is a perfect figure. Keep using it, allowing you to properly lose excess fat, tighten your skin, and smooth your cellulite after a few weeks.

After taking a shower, turn on the slimming eraser, turn the massage head to the on position, gently squeeze to release an appropriate amount of lotion, and apply it in a circular motion to the area affected by excess cellulite or need to lose weight. It has an intimate ball design and massages when applying. The taste is also very light. Use it twice a day to achieve the best results. After the trial, please turn the massage head to the OFF position to prevent the lotion from flowing out and volatilizing. For external use only, if you have skin discomfort, please stop using it until the skin returns to normal


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