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Everyone should have seen the screen scan incident this morning. Regarding the illegal operation of two Chinese dental clinics in Sydney, 11,000 patients were at risk of contracting AIDS, hepatitis C and hepatitis B.

According to SMH reports, the accident may affect more than 4 people. . .


Some patients have already received a reminder letter from the NSW Health Department. If you also receive this letter, please go to a nearby GP for hepatitis B and HIV testing immediately.


Announcement on the official website of the Ministry of Health:


Someone in the circle of friends has already gone for a blood test, I hope it's okay. . .


Detailed news

According to the SMH report, the NSW Health Department issued a warning that two dental clinics in Sydney were at risk of contracting AIDS, hepatitis C and hepatitis B due to the failure of equipment disinfection standards. As a result, an estimated 11,000 patients who have visited these two clinics are at risk of infection. However, as of the press release, no one has been diagnosed as infected.


The two offending clinics are The Gentle Dentist in Campsie, south of Sydney, and The Gentle Dentist in Sussex Street in the urban area.

The NSW Department of Health has started contacting patients who have been here in the past ten years and will notify these patients that they may be at risk of HIV, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C. It will also inform general practitioners in the Sydney area.

The health authorities will also contact patients who have consulted Dr. Robert Starkenburg. Robert Starkenburg has been a dentist in Surry Hills and Bondi Junction. Robert Starkenburg has been confirmed to have performed dental surgery on patients with AIDS. Considering that the hygiene is not up to standard during the operation. Related patients may also be infected with some viruses.

There are a total of 21 dentists in the two clinics of The Gentle Dentist. Five dentists have been suspended from practice, and the other three are facing conditional practice.

The affected dental clinics include:

The Gentle Dentist practices

Address: 5/377 Sussex St, Sydney NSW 2000

Phone: Ph: (02) 9267 7174

The Gentle Dentist practices

Address: 260-262 Beamish Street, Campsie NSW 2194

Phone: Ph: (02) 9787 3473

Dr Robert Starkenburg

Bondi Junction, NSW, 2022

Dr Robert Starkenburg

Surry Hills, NSW, 2010

The Australian Dental Association stated that if a patient is worried or suspected of being infected, please call the helpline at 1800 610 344 and seek medical treatment in time.

Article reproduced from Impressions of Sydney

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