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Everyone in Australia should know that in the event of an emergency, the first thing we need to do is to call the emergency number "000" for help. However, when you encounter a very urgent situation, making a call may take up your precious time.

However, this problem has been perfectly solved by some buttons! A few days ago, these black emergency buttons appeared in many streets in Melbourne's CBD area. With just one tap, the public can immediately contact the operator.


Mayor Robert Doyle pointed out that these buttons installed at taxi stands in popular Melbourne CBD areas are the fastest way to contact the police in an emergency, even faster than making emergency calls.


At the same time, more surveillance video equipment has been installed in the Melbourne city center area to better protect public safety.

Crime statistics show that last year, more than 12000 crimes occurred in Melbourne's CBD alone.

According to Doyle, 68 rotatable cameras in the urban area can identify criminal perpetrators from a distance of 500 meters. The armed robbers who took place in Southbank in October last year were arrested in this way.


He also claimed that the public did not make better use of the surveillance system to ensure the safety of themselves and the city, and the video of the surveillance system is the best evidence to prove the guilt of the prisoner.

I hope that these safety facilities can provide safety guarantee for everyone’s travel, and remind everyone that they must use these facilities to report to the police as soon as possible in case of an emergency to protect their own safety~

News compiled from "3AW"

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