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On winter nights when the chill is getting stronger, the most heart-warming, appetizing, and down-to-earth place in Mocheng is the return of Wei Ma Winter Night Market! From July 7th to August 9th, every Wednesday night, here will be a winter paradise! Various personalized shopping stalls allow you to buy non-stop, wonderful art performances are different from week to week, and street specialty snacks from more than 8 countries are more temptation! A one-stop winter night experience of eating, drinking and having fun, all are waiting for you!

Bluebonnet Barbecue

640-870 640-871 640-872A holy place for carnivores! There is always a long line in front of the booth!

Little Mushroom Co

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Want to eat burgers but not meat? It can be done here! Replace meat with delicious and juicy mushrooms, a vegetarian favorite! With the rich Cheese and slightly spicy sauce, you don’t have to worry about the predicament of wanting to eat and being fat!

Hoy Pinoy

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This is the season for skewers for late-night snacks and beer. How about trying skewers from the Philippines? There are two choices of chicken and pork. How many skewers can you eat?

400 Degrees

640-879 640-880 640-881Known as the world's No. XNUMX pizza god, the chefs are also masters. They have been on major shows in Australia and are famous in the food world! The appetite is full~ There is also an oven, make it to order!

Those Girls

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Hot cider, sour, sweet and warm! Girls favorite~

Spanish Gourmet Caterers

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Full of Spanish paella and seafood soup, screaming! This must be tried! You can be pulled over by the scent from a distance~~ Wipe your saliva!

Performance + Taobao

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All kinds of wonderful art performances are different every week! Lovely shopping stalls for you to enjoy Taobao endlessly! Every Wednesday night from XNUMX:XNUMX to XNUMX:XNUMX punctual heart-warming start!

Address: Cnr Victoria & Elizabeth Streets, Melbourne, Victoria 3000

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