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Victorians caught driving after the deadly combination of drug and alcohol use were fined up to 4.1 yuan and their driving license was revoked for at least 2 years.

The Andrew government will issue Australia’s first severe new law in this regard on August 8, creating a separate charge for drug use and drunk driving.

Under this crackdown, the Victorian Police will be able to seize vehicles of offenders who test positive for the first time and have blood alcohol levels higher than 0.10. The first crime may face a 12-month revocation of the driver’s license and a fine of up to 4550 yuan.


Those drivers who regain their licenses will be required to install alcohol interlocking devices and receive driver education.

At present, there are no charges of driving under the influence of alcohol and driving with drugs. Drivers will be prosecuted for driving under the influence of alcohol and driving with drugs.

Nevertheless, a glass of alcohol and drug mixture can make the probability of death in a car accident 23 times higher than that of a normal driver.

代理道路安全厅长哈钦斯(Natalie Hutchins)说,这个惩罚会给危险酒精和非法毒品驾驶的司机一个强烈的信号。

The Coroner's Court estimated that drunk driving caused 25-30% of road fatalities and 11% of serious road injuries. Illegal drug use causes 20% of driver fatalities.

The Victorian government has allocated 1500 million yuan in the budget for 10 new drug and drunk driving test buses, allowing the police to test 10 people each year.

News compiled from "Times"

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