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From August 8 this year, Victoria will comprehensively introduce a traffic law that can be called the most stringent in history!

If you are caught driving in Victoria Drugs + drinking After such a deadly combination, you will face up to$ 4.1 millionFine and revoke the driver’s licenseAt least two years!!!


This is a separate charge for drug use + drunk driving, which shows that the Victorian Transportation Bureau is determined to rectify dangerous driving behavior this time!

Currently, Victoria Police has increased the requirements for routine inspections:

If youDrug test positive,andBlood alcohol concentration is higher than 0.10, Your vehicle will be impounded!

Even if you commit a crime for the first time, you may faceDriver's license is revoked for 12 months,as well as$4550 fine!

If you are not the first time, then you will face fines ranging from $13650 to $40959! And the fine is not enough. Based on your previous case and blood alcohol concentration, the police can give your driver's licenseRevocation for at least 2 years.The vehicle may be permanently detained!


Why is it so strict?

Because a mixture of alcohol and drugs can increase the chance of death in a car accident23 times higher than normal drivers!

Currently caused by drunk driving25-30% of road fatalities.And 11% of serious road injuries! So it must be severely punished!

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