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Under the report of a website about Beijing Sanlitun Uniqlo sex video, there is a poll on readers' feedback, and the option "Envy" received the most support.

Yes, many people now think this matter is like a malicious hype, so they have a relaxed attitude and look at it as a joke. But if this incident is not malicious marketing, but the real sex experience of a man and a woman is leaked for some reason, it will not change the attitude of many people. They just seize this hot spot for curiosity and carnival, no matter what the parties will How do you feel.

The deep human flesh has started late last night, and several netizens have been lying innocently with guns. Someone suggested not to spread it, "What if this kind of video spreads too widely, and the girl in the video kills herself?" Then someone replied: "Do you still expect a woman who can have sex in the fitting room? What shame is she?"

I will not discuss whether this Uniqlo sex incident is true or false, whether it is marketing or hype. Chaoyang police has already intervened in the investigation and I believe there will be a conclusion soon. I just want to say that this kind of view represents the views of many people. They think that the people who shoot this kind of video are shameless, so spreading, watching, commenting, and human flesh will not only have no psychological burden, but it will be for the heavens. It is the embodiment of justice. They believe that such a woman will not die, and even if she dies, she will take the blame.

In the previous incidents of indecent video leaks, such as the car model "Beast Animal" being betrayed by his ex-boyfriend and deep in large-scale pornographic photos, you can see this logic, "You have taken all the pictures, are you afraid to watch it?" When you go to the deep place, you will be photographed for the people you love, and not for the whole world. Who knows that you will be betrayed by someone who was so close.

Strong women can survive this crisis, but smart women—if smart women start, don’t shoot this kind of video.

I know this is contrary to the views of some feminists. Some feminists always say that women have the right to control their bodies, including filming their own sexual process in a hidden space. The wrong ones are those who leaked out for various reasons or made frivolous comments after reading them. Just as when the nude photos of many Hollywood actresses were stolen and leaked by hackers, Emma Watson presided over the fairness for them on Twitter: "The most heinous thing is not those who spy on women's privacy through the Internet. Those who leave messages without sympathy."

If we say that there are not many bad guys invading the network by leaking the video, but there are too many boring people waiting to see the diorama.

But feminists can do nothing more than that. They have no magic to change the evil in human nature. This world, after decades or even hundreds of years of evolution, still cannot make some people feel more sympathetic to others and a little more solemn to the tragedies of some people. Too many people watch the excitement and too many people consume other people's pain.

Someone supports you, protests for you, you are not wrong, you have the right, but you still have to bear the consequences alone. One person cannot fight against the entire society, and the best way to avoid being a cannon fodder is not to put yourself under a dangerous wall.

There are not many Paris Hiltons in the world. She is able to sell the uncut full version of the sex video of the two in the store on DVD with her ex-boyfriend Rick Solomon. The $13 box of "One Night Stand with Paris" When the sales of videotapes reached 50 boxes, the Jedi fought back and entered Hollywood. Not only did he take no less than 5 films, but he also starred in his own reality show "Simple Life". The TV ratings of the film have been soaring.

This is a special case, because she is such a vanity, high-profile, publicity, and always in need of high visibility wealthy daughter. She was spoiled by her beauty and family wealth, extravagant, wasteful, and deviant, even if it was controversial, she never cared. She only cares if people can see her on the front page, even if it is a scandal. And she is not as headless as people talk about, in fact, she has her own fashion brand. The name Paris Hilton has an influence all over the world, and he is also keen on public welfare and inherited the family's charity mission.

This is something Chinese women who are still deeply influenced by patriarchal thoughts are hard to follow. Even another Hollywood celebrity, Kim Kardashian, has a husband and children, has a happy life and a stable marriage. When I mentioned the glamorous video that I took when she was dating her boyfriend Ray J, I deeply regret: "If you want me to talk long The last thing I regret for doing such a great deal is this." Many people know her through this video, even if she is not willing to use it to become famous.

This is the shadow that she can't get rid of, but she prays that people will gradually forget: "Everyone will do some unglamorous things, but you can't always be told about these things."

It's just that the high development of the Internet allows all clues to be permanently retained, and spread infinitely, never ending.

In reality, many women take pornographic photos or sex videos at the request of men. They say: "Come on, baby, this is a symbol of our love, let us leave beautiful memories." How can we doubt when we love to be emotional Such bewitching requests are often agreed upon half-pushing. They feel that being loved is sacrifice and dedication is to meet all the needs of each other, including presenting their body to each other forever.

When love is hot, everything is good. Words are good, oaths are beautiful, and sex is sweet. There will always be moments where you will trust someone without reservation, so that you will live and you will die.

But what kind of man is keen on shooting and keeping pornographic videos? Most of them are men who lack self-confidence and insecurity. They take photos and videos to prove that they really have the relationship and add a little strength to their weak self. Women are their trophies, they are eager to record this process, just like hunters like to hang the head of their prey on the wall of their room, which can provide them with a long-term aftertaste, representing a kind of record and achievement, a sense of accomplishment Way of conquering.

They even take these things out to share and reminisce with others. What they care about is not the real experience of sex, but the ability to show off their man's "ability" to gain the envy of others.

The more such a man, the more he will turn his face ruthlessly and use the deadly weapon in his hand to threaten and retaliate when breaking up or having conflicts. The affectionate prince in this love scene will quickly transform into a ferocious beast in the vengeance.

So, woman, how can you put your most private side, the weapon that can kill you, into the hands of such a person?

You can put love in the hands of the other party, and you can be put into the hands of the other party by life, but don't give up all your privacy.

Privacy is something that can only be kept personally.

You linger on the bed, like the most primitive beasts, but you always have to wear clothes to show others. Some other people in this world don't need you to have any quirks in bed, what posture you like, the sound of your bed calling, your orgasmic expression, these are all privacy, you can only stay at that moment, you can't take it out.

You can talk about sex openly. You don’t need to be ashamed, but you don’t need images and pictures to prove it. Even between people who love each other, there must be a trace of imagination and aftertaste. When sex becomes a naked little movie, part of the beauty has already gone with it.

Video can provoke desire, but it does not guarantee that love will last forever.

The boudoir matters should stay in the boudoir forever.

One of the most wise women in the world-the famous detective novelist Agatha Christie is a lady. She did not have the opportunity to see this wild world of tricks, but she had already predicted: "This world has no room for the stupid Human." To be a human, always be smarter. If you love a man again, don't take a sex video as a means of showing love to make him love you more. The man who can make this request has proven that loving you is limited.

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