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First release a major positive, the stock market finally did not fall this week, and enter the skyrocketing pattern on Saturday and Sunday.

On July 7, investors were slapped in the face by the positive announcement the night before. The Shanghai stock index opened lower in the morning, and the first loop plunged more than 3 points. Although it turned red in the afternoon, it was quickly pulled down by the shorts. By the end of the trading day, the Shanghai Stock Exchange had once again killed nearly 200%, falling below 6 points.


But don't worry too much, A shares are really about to bottom out, falling 300 points every day, and 12 trading days are over.

I heard that in the brokerage sales department today, the aunts stopped singing the national anthem and sang "Green Light": over the top of the mountain and the layers of white clouds, the green light is there...

Shanghai Stock Exchange, July 7, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon (reporter Qian Xiaoguang) The stock market earthquake experienced powerful aftershocks. Not only did the investors who were buried in the rubble lost their voices, but even the rescuers who went to the rescue suffered misfortune. The survivors sang in unison on the ruins, "No business, no harm..."

Someone went to the roof to dry clothes and found that the door leading to the roof was locked. The property also posted a notice: Due to the recent stock market crash, the rooftops of my community have been locked. Owners who need to dry clothes and quilts, please find another way. Overcome the difficulties temporarily. The opening hours of rooftops are subject to the stock market rebound. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

In order to cope with this rare stock market crash, the editor recommends that investors 1. Find a stable job, go to work well and avoid unemployment; 2. Reduce expenses; 3. Increase reserves.

Or be an astronaut.

It is said that if the stock market continues like this, the second child can be fully liberalized in advance, because everyone has almost adjusted.

Here is another brain teaser: Why is the big eunuch richer than the little eunuch?

The answer is: they cut it early.

It’s not that I don’t want to cut early, but I continue to pay dividends:

Brother was going to cut the meat

Just got up

Here comes a small benefit

Did not go

Was cut again,

Got up again

Here comes another big plus,

Never left

Cut another knife

Decisively say go

Saw the flag of the national team in the distance

I thought I was saved this time

Don't go

It turned out to be another machete

Take a look

Completely drunk

It came from the rap team.

Although positive is hurting, investors have little hope of anything else. No. After the market closed today, the China Securities Regulatory Commission issued a bunch of good news: China Securities Regulatory Commission increased its registered capital to 1000 billion yuan, reduced IPOs, and accelerated the promotion of long-term funds into the market...

Take a look at the hot posts after these news on Weibo "Released by the Securities Regulatory Commission":

I'm numb!

If you think it fell on Monday, please like it.

The more you save me, the deeper I am, let me fend for myself, I am willing to bet!

In the morning, I lay there and stayed there, and in the afternoon I had to turn over and play with it again...

This week gives us a lower limit for each good

It has been very stable now, and the daily limit is stable.

Finally, a CCTV news broadcast that I just saw: Li Keqiang has finished his visit to Europe and returned to Beijing to meet with the President of Singapore... Have a great weekend everyone, see you next Monday!

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