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"The Lady of the Dynasty: Concubine Yang" has not been released and has become popular.

On July 7, this film directed by Shi Qing, Tian Zhuangzhuang, Zhang Yimou and starring Fan Bingbing and Liming organized a media viewing.

Among them, a section of "Ma Zhen" between Concubine Yang and Xuanzong Tang killed bed, car, and earthquake every minute, and successfully screened Moments and Weibo.

The background of Ma Zhen's play is that Concubine Yang and Xuanzong Tang were jealous and quarreled, and Concubine slammed the door and went to run wildly. Xuanzong followed closely, chasing after him and took the concubine captive to his horse.

Observer Network has a godly expression on this:

Xuanzong "teared the cloth wrapped around the imperial concubine's chest with one hand like a domineering president, and then plunged into his chest..." The imperial concubine would rather die, but struggled for a few seconds, and the plot reached a climax. The whole process of "Ma Zhen" was so coherent, and Fan's chest was shaking so intensely."

"Tang Dynasty version 50 degrees gray" is enough to move your heartstrings, but can "Ma Zhen" really work? Let us seek advice from professional equestrians with a heart for truth.

Ma Zhen occurred on horseback at a speed exceeding 20 kilometers per hour


A senior equestrian coach told Sina "News Geek" that the speed of a horse has a lot to do with its breed, pace, gait, and rider's riding skills and balance.

Different horse breeds and different runners ride at different speeds. Generally, the speed of horses is about 20 kilometers per hour. The fastest horse in the world is a British thoroughbred, which can reach 60 kilometers.

The most basic gait of a horse is divided into four types: slow trot, fast trot, running, and stride. Slow walking is walking, and the four legs land in sequence; fast walking is bumping, with crossed legs (left front leg and right back leg) rising and falling at the same time; running can fly.

The coach said that the state of the horse in the film should be running.

Taking into account the noble status of the emperor and the noble concubine, the horses they ride should be the best breed, no matter what the famous sweaty BMW.

Therefore, the speed of the horse that provided the venue for Ma Zhen was also above 20 kilometers per hour.

What is the concept of 20 kilometers per hour? For our country's safety, the speed limit for electric vehicles is 20 kilometers. If you run, the world marathon record speed is just over 20 kilometers per hour.

The ups and downs of the horse's back are called "waves".


People who have never eaten pork should have seen pigs run. Horses bump up and down when they run.

According to the coach, the horse's up and down bumps are called "waves" in technical terms. Professional riders rely on proficient skills and use their own non-stop movements to suppress the "waves" of the horse to maintain stability. The size of the waves is directly related to the horse's breed and the habit of legs.

The average domestic horse has a small wave, and a person's buttocks can rise more than ten centimeters.

Considering that horses were the main means of transportation at that time, even if you were the emperor, Tang Xuanzong probably had to master horse skills. It is assumed that Tang Xuanzong was also a master horseman.

If the horse’s waves rise up to ten centimeters, ten centimeters is equivalent to the height of a common bottle of Coke.

This means that the imperial concubine and Xuanzong, when Ma Zhen, had to frequently do movements with up and down bumps of more than ten centimeters, which was quite difficult.

Immediately grab someone, the imperial concubine and Xuanzong must be "masters"


The Tang Dynasty regarded fat as its beauty, and the allusion of "ring fat, swallow and thin" can be handed down, which also shows that the historical concubine Yang Gui is really not skinny.

In an exclusive interview with the Beijing Times, Fan Bingbing revealed that “the weight of Concubine Yang Gui was recorded in history as about 130 kilograms.” In order to stay close to historical figures, she increased herself from 110 kilograms to 125 kilograms.

Imagine two horses running slightly parallel one after the other at a speed of more than 20 kilometers per hour. Xuanzong rode a horse to capture the "ring fat" imperial concubine from another horse. What kind of conditions are needed to do it?

The coach even wondered whether this was a real shot, "It's too difficult, basically impossible."

The coach said that professional performance riders in Mongolia may have this kind of operation, including stacking Arhats, jumping off horseback and then jumping up, etc., but it is too difficult. This requires two people to have superb horse riding skills at the same time. , Very light weight, it is too difficult to pull over 120 kilograms of Concubine Yang.

The coach said that this kind of action is not allowed from the equestrian profession, because it is too dangerous. Unless the trained horse is particularly good and runs very steadily in a straight line. Moreover, this kind of action requires two people to cooperate closely. If one person controls the rein with one hand to forcefully pull, and the other person steps on the stirrups and does not cooperate, she will be taken from the horse back and dragged to her own horse. It's basically impossible, it's almost like horseback acrobatics.

In addition, to pull a person weighing more than 60 kilograms from the back of another horse and transfer it to the back of another horse, using the professional analysis of modern fitness, Xuanzong also needs to have strong body core strength and Shoulder strength.

Xuan Zong’s action is similar to the front lift of the barbell in strength training. It is to hold the barbell with both hands and lift the barbell to 90 degrees with the body by the strength of the deltoid muscles of the shoulders.

Lifting 60 kg in front of the barbell is already at the level of professional athletes.

Historical data does not record that Xuanzong and the imperial concubine once practiced horseback acrobatics and strength training.

U-shaped saddle is very rusty


Saddle type one

The coach told Sina "News Geek" that the general structure of saddles is divided into front saddle, saddle waist, saddle, and rear saddle. The side close to the horse's head is relatively high, and the middle is a slope. People sit on the slope and behind Cocked up to fix people, there is only a certain amount of space for activities. The Mongolian saddle is closer to the V-shape, and we generally use the flat U-shape.


Saddle type XNUMX

Sometimes in order to protect the safety of people, a handle is added to the end of the saddle near the head of the horse, so that people can step on the stirrup and pull the saddle on the horse.

After understanding the structure of the saddle, looking at the imperial concubine and Xuanzong Ma Zhen, it suddenly became clear.

If the imperial concubine and Xuanzong ride a horse one after another, it can barely make sense.

However, in the current scene of Ma Zhen, the imperial concubine is lying, and lying on the higher front part of the U-shaped saddle. The imperial concubine’s waist is either iron waist or soft like noodles.

Whether it is an iron waist or a noodle waist, it is not a human waist.

Undressing the rein with one hand, the horse won't agree


"Dynasty Woman-Concubine Yang" stills

Even if the imperial concubine's waist won't break, Xuanzong controls the reins with one hand and picks up the clothes with the other. Will the horse agree?

The coach said that this situation is impossible.

It is impossible to undress first. The horse has little courage. Throwing it while undressing will make the horse afraid.

Secondly, the horse can be ridden by people because it has a relatively fixed spine and limited space. Two people face to face on the horse and one person controls the reins. There are also various difficult movements, so the horse will not be stable. Run, will jump around.

Horses are not humans. Even if they are the emperor and imperial concubine, they will not agree to bullying the horses so much. If they oscillate on the horse, the consequences will be serious.

Article reproduced from "Sina News"

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