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Yesterday, there was an elevator accident in Anliang Department Store, Shacheng District, Jingzhou City. A young mother was involved in the elevator after lifting her child out of the escalator. Although the on-site rescue lasted for nearly 4 hours, the mother left her child forever. .

 On-site surveillance video

No one would have thought that the escalator as a "standard configuration" in large supermarkets, shopping malls, etc. would become a life-saving maniac. Zhou Bao would like to remind everyone that, in this elevator-scrolling incident, apart from grief and regret, we also need to pay more attention to the seemingly "harmless" invisible killers in our lives!

Let’s talk about the escalator first. If you see that the escalator is already crowded with people, it’s best to wait for the next trip or go up the stairs, because if someone falls or fails to support it at this time, it will cause a series of steps. An accident, you can imagine the galloping horses above the body, it hurts and scary!


For example, if you see a crowd with the density of sticky porridge, advise the judges not to squeeze upward!


Elevator stampede accident scene

Swimming pool drain-cannibalism
In summer, everyone loves to flop in the cool swimming pool, but the drain of the swimming pool is definitely an invisible killer of dog bombs. In April this year, a man drowned in the swimming pool of a hotel in Macau. The cause of death was that the man was sucked by the drain at the bottom of the swimming pool for 4 minutes.

Each swimming pool will have a water circulation drainage outlet, which is generally located at the bottom or corner of the pool, mainly for the convenience of changing water and adding disinfectants. Regardless of the small size of the drain, there will be an average of 23 kg of pressure per square centimeter. If the area is blocked more, the flow rate will be faster and the pressure of the liquid will double. Especially for a relatively large swimming pool, once the drain is opened, there will be a strong backwater suction. After being sucked, it is absolutely impossible to break free with his own strength.

↗ The drain on the walls of the swimming pool

It is not uncommon for the drain to "cannibalize"↓↓

In July 2006, a 7-year-old girl in Japan was inhaled by a suction mouth while swimming, and stuck in a drain 7 hours later, she died when she was rescued.

In July 2007, a 7-year-old girl in the United States sat on an uncovered suction port, and her small intestine was sucked out of her body.

In July 2013, a 7-year-old boy in Hangzhou was sucked into his arm by the drain of a swimming pool. The fire emergency rescued for more than an hour and finally escaped, but some of his arm muscles were necrotic.

In 2014, a 12-year-old boy in Shaanxi Province was sucked into the drainage pipe of the pool and died while playing in the pool.

↗ Drain at the bottom of the pool


The LCD display of the front seat of the taxi-disfigured
There are many new taxis on the road nowadays, and an LCD screen is displayed behind the front seats to show advertisements.

In addition to forcing you to watch advertisements and causing you to get motion sickness, these LCD screens also have an even more annoying place than ghosts. The edges of these displays are hard and sharp. In the event of a sudden brake or crash, if the rear seat is not worn, it will be directly hit with the face. Shred the entire display. In 09, there were reports in Shanghai that this thing caused people to die in a car accident, and a girl who hit an advertising screen was cut with a 20 cm long wound by debris and had to undergo several facial plastic surgery. What is particularly bad is that the corners of the display screen can be exactly on the eyeball position when the impact occurs, which magnifies the damage exponentially.

Cheap office chairs-chrysanthemums are wounded on the floor
Is the chair under your butt in this style? If yes, replace it immediately.

This kind of pneumatic lift chair is prone to bursting. There have been many accidents when adjusting the lift. The pneumatic ejector suddenly exploded out of control. The ejector rod with thick fingers was instantly ejected, which happened to correspond to the position of the chrysanthemum. The rod followed the buttocks into the human body. A consumer in Shandong died due to excessive blood loss.

640-194 640-195
Air conditioner outside machine-electric shock
A hot day is a good time to turn on the air conditioner. No one would have thought that the external unit of the air conditioner would kill people. A few days ago, a 6-year-old boy in Lingchuan, Guilin, was electrocuted to death when he climbed onto the "sit on the ground" air-conditioning outdoor unit to play.

Why does the external unit of the air conditioner leak? When the external unit of the air conditioner is effectively grounded, even if it leaks electricity, it will actually not hurt people. However, in some old communities in rural or urban areas, there are generally two wires (live wire and neutral wire) that connect to residents' homes, and there is no third dedicated grounding wire. Thus, even if the air conditioner has a three-hole plug, it cannot form an effective ground. In addition, in some low-quality sockets, the grounding jacks are often in a vacant state, so effective grounding cannot be formed.

 Some restaurants install air-conditioning plug-in units beside the sidewalk

Whirlpool on the road in rainy day-swallow people
When it rains heavily, if you see such a vortex on a flooded road, be careful.


Such a whirlpool indicates that there is a sewer entrance without a cover. In 2013, a girl wading across the street fell into the sewer due to heavy rain in Changsha. In the end, no bones were found. According to analysis, she rushed directly into the Xiangjiang River.


I believe that everyone still remembers the American horror film "Reaper Is Coming", and the protagonists simply perform fancy accidental deaths in every movie. In fact, life is a real "Reaper Is Coming". I hope that you will pay more attention to your own safety.

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