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Editor: Because of the domestic "real estate speculators", how many Chinese friends are discouraged by the high domestic prices? Looking at rumors on the Internet that a luxury house in the United States is only worth 50 US dollars, how many friends are struggling with the dream of developing in developed countries to "the luxury house of the dream." However, the reality is so cruel. Not only the so-called luxury homes in the United States cannot be so cheap, but even Melbourne, which has the "world's most livable city", has high housing prices that make people discourage people. Many friends said with emotion: "The so-called livable is expensive." Yes, looking at the world, real estate in so-called developed countries, Japan, the United States, Australia, the Netherlands and other places have been vigorously snapped up by Chinese overseas buyers. Overseas mainstream media also broadcast news that housing prices have been raised by the Chinese. Real estate speculators have now speculated out of the world. However, there is such a high-level developed country that has not been involved in the Chinese people's enthusiasm for buying houses overseas, and that is Germany. What magical thing is there in this rigorous and cold country that can shut out the Chinese people's powerful ability to buy houses?

Germany's unique real estate policy has prevented China from overseas real estate speculation. In order to protect the housing of local residents, the fundamental idea of ​​Germany's real estate policy is to oppose real estate speculation and oppose vacant housing. In fact, the policy is not groundless. It was actually printed on the German Constitution. The constitution stipulates that Germany, as a high-welfare country, is one of the important goals of the German government, just like medical care and education. Therefore, the pillar industry of the German government is not "real estate", and the government does not dare to increase tax revenue by raising housing prices and land prices.


Germany not only has strict real estate market management policies, but also issued a criminal law to restrict market disruptors who raise prices. Specific policies include strict supervision of the housing leasing market, grasp the balance of supply and demand, strict housing loan conditions, and a high comprehensive tax rate for newly purchased real estate. And also through private ownership of land to restrict the monopoly of developers. These rigorous laws have firmly restrained real estate speculators and reduced the rate of return on real estate investment in Germany to a negative value. Coupled with this fierce law of "sending house price bidders into prison". Real estate speculators are even more discouraged. In the past 40 years in Germany, housing prices have not risen but fallen.

So, how strict are Germany's legal sanctions against house price bidders? German law stipulates that if the house price exceeds 20% of the "reasonable house price", then the change of the price is the super high house price, which constitutes an illegal act. And buyers have the right to sue real estate developers and demand that their prices fall to a reasonable range. If real estate developers fail to comply with legal requirements, they will face a fine of up to 5 euros. When the house price exceeds 50% of the "reasonable house price", then embarrassed, the seller can only go to jail. Because the price constitutes a huge profit, according to the "Criminal Law", it is sentenced to 3 years in prison.

The same goes for renting and renting. In Germany, many Germans live in rental housing throughout their lives. And the lease contract is indefinite. Only when the landlord wants to move back to live on his own can the tenant be invited. If the landlord forcibly evicts the tenant and is embarrassed, he can only meet in court. It is not easy for a landlord to increase the rent. The law stipulates that if the rent exceeds 20% of the market guide price, the tenant can sue the landlord. If it exceeds 50%, then they will have to stay in jail with the profiteering seller for three years.


However, not all developed countries in the world are as strictly regulated as the German real estate market. Therefore, people who are interested in investing in real estate still have many business opportunities. For example, Japan, the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Spain, Australia, etc. Especially in Australia, as of April 2015, Chinese investors have invested more than A$4 billion in commodity and residential housing investment in Australia. However, Australia is also aware of the fact that house prices are being speculated, so as early as 100, it issued a purchase restriction order. In 2010, a new purchase restriction order was issued. Canada is also the darling of Chinese overseas buyers, especially British Columbia in Canada.

The housing boom itself is a product of a free market economy. Although it seems that buying a house has boosted housing prices, it has also brought economic growth to developed countries with sparsely populated areas. Another example is Spain, where the economy is sluggish. The real estate market can help the country get out of the shadow of the economic downturn. However, excessive house purchases do bring economic negatives, such as too many vacant houses and high housing prices, making it difficult for local citizens to buy houses. The hatred of some local citizens towards "overseas buyers" will increase, which will have a negative impact on the political status of the Chinese. In addition, many countries have raised vigilance and restrict home purchases. The next high property tax is also very possible. What's more, when the "local tyrants" are desperately buying houses, which leads to a real estate bubble, they will not only fall into their own hands, but also overseas real estate.

"Chinatown" trainee reporter Yao Meng Cai editor

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