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All my friends in Melbourne in the cold winter are blessed!

The "Ba Guo Bu Yi" Sichuan Restaurant, known as Melbourne's national Sichuan cuisine, will grandly launch a self-service hot pot on August 8. Secret authentic and authentic hot pot base,Homemade Sichuan Red Soup Pot Bottom, Still boiledRich pure bone white soup, To provide free choices for diners who eat spicy and not spicy.

Hot pot takes a self-service approach, The dishes are rich and varied, including seafood, cold dishes, hot dishes, packaged dishes, fresh vegetables, etc., as well as uniqueBa country homemade dip, Irregular Pakistani specialties service. Per person$ 31.8, August9 off Discount, per person only$ 28.6, And each table will give a bit of sour plum soup. The beauty shopkeeper commissioned the editor to convey,Welcome everyone to come and taste,8月1日不见不散!订座电话:(03)9826 1386!

Pakistan Commonwealth is Melbourne's first Sichuan restaurant. It was established in 2005 and is located in Melbourne's long-developed Toorak rich area.The main dishes are authentic Chengdu dishes, and Sichuan seafood is the main product. The raw materials are fresh and live fish and crabs are used.In order to satisfy the happiness of customers' taste buds, Ba Guo Buyi constantly tries new dishes and new flavors.


You are welcome to order meals in advance, contact details are as follows :


Easy parking around Pakistan, There are plenty of free parking spaces for 1-2 hours in Jackson St., so you can rest assured to have a meal. After XNUMX o'clock on working days, and on Saturdays and Sundays, there are a lot of free parking spaces on the second and third floors of Toorak Centre where Pakistani Commoner is located. You can go directly to Pakistan without getting wet. The following guide is attached, I hope you will have no worries and eat at ease!

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Ba Guo Buyi provides an elegant, spacious and bright restaurant environment, providing you with a relaxing and cozy meal.

All are welcomeGroup bookings, Christmas reservations, birthday dinners, business banquets, etc., Up toXNUMX people dinner! Welcome to call us!


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