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Today's fakes are really too bold. No, the "national milk powder" of the Australian people, Deyun milk powder, has been counterfeited again unreliably. Fake goods, reliable points are fine, but I just don’t believe in this evil, so I dare to ship them for 9 yuan. The editor has no choice but to kneel down. You pay for a penny, 9 yuan a bag of milk powder, please, can you increase the technical gold content? Oh, look at the original text—

last night!

Today, my brother received the news from netizens! !

Miss X, who is honestly doing shopping, received this inquiry:


Deyun milk powder that is popular in the country only sells for 9 yuan? ! !

Or RMB? ! !

Not even two Australian dollars! ! !

Miss X couldn't help but asked in confusion: "What kind of currency is 9 yuan?"


The answer is: "RMB!!!"

Miss x was surprised!

I immediately realized that this should be the legendary fake channel! !

The next dialogue made Miss X feel:

You people in the city are so good at playing! !

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The people in our village are simple, we still don't play with you! ! !

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After reading it, today my brother felt that he was blind. 9 yuan, I will give you a drink. . .

60 yuan to buy Deyun? joke! !

Well. . . How much is Deyun milk powder worth?


Sixty yuan? !

Buy Deyun? !

Are you sent by the monkey to tease me! ! !

The postage is not good enough!


So, here comes the answer:

It can only be fake! ! !

The domestic counterfeiting technology has become perfect! !

Check it out, friends!

It’s silly and not clear every minute! !


Some sellers have stocks of these German milk powders that are restricted because they are out of stock. Is the purchase channel formal?

Are you really afraid of drinking this kind of milk powder?



Now that the fakes are all sold at your doorstep, I will simply introduce Deyun milk powder to you today.

This popular German milk powder at home and abroad has made major supermarkets in Australia in short supply, so they have to indicate in Chinese that there is a limit of 6 bags per person. . .


Of course, there is a reason for people to be angry, because. . .

It is not only compatible with hot and cold water, but also. . .


and. . The Australian Prime Minister loves to drink it, and he personally advertises it. . .

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No wonder so many people are rushing to buy it but cannot buy it.

But you can’t buy fakes for cheap, right?

Besides, customers trust you,

But you don’t take the health of others seriously,

Can you feel at ease selling fakes?

Falsifications are becoming more and more rampant nowadays, and merchants do whatever they can to their own interests. You get what you pay for. For your own health, everyone must buy products through legitimate channels!

Article reprinted from Melbourne Today


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