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一家名为“Henley & Partners”的顾问公司专门分析研究世界上所有国家和地区的签证规定,后来就形成了一个“亨氏签证受限指数”(Henley Visa Restrictions Index),是一个专门针对全球不同国家的公民旅行自由度的排名。

The research data of the consulting company shows thatAustralia’s Heinz Visa Restricted Index is 167, which means that Australian citizens have the right to enter 167 countries and regions visa-free for short-term tourist visits.Research on the degree of freedom of international travel shows that Australia ranks seventh before Malaysia, Iceland and Greece.

Approximately 188 countries and regions grant ordinary Australian passport holders visa-free or visa-on-arrival treatment, and 167 countries and regions (including those with visa-on-arrival free) can enter visa-free; the freedom of Australian passport is ranked in the world The sixth place among countries is one of the most recognized travel passes in the world today.Below is a list of countries and regions in each continent that allow Australian passport holders to enter visa-free, and related entry policies:

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European Union countries

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Non-European Union countries

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