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Bianqianji: Seeing that the cold air has landed in Melbourne, many Australian friends after get off work and school are waiting to take the electric home and enjoy the warmth by the fireside. But at this time, Melbourne's only tram, Yarra Tram, also went on strike. Some time ago, there was an airport strike, then a train strike, and now a tram strike. It seems that Mo Village doesn't want people to travel well, so they can simply "squat at home". Thinking about it this way, the world is better in terms of public transportation. At least the Chinese government will ensure the normal operation of public transportation anyway. Although the subway is a bit crowded, the bus is slower. But people don't have to worry about this kind of strikes. Strikes are not a trifle. Strikes in any industry can cause significant social losses and collaboration efficiency. And these willful strikes in Melbourne were caused by the union. Then the editor will talk about the strike in Melbourne and lift the veil of the perpetrators "union".

The reason for this tram strike is highly similar to that of the train and airport strike. It's all because employees are dissatisfied with their wages. This strike will also be the first major tram strike in Melbourne in nearly 20 years. Regarding wages, the bus union representing Yarra Tram broke up with the company. As a result, the union decided to fight Yarra Tram with a 24-hour strike. It is known that the Melbourne tram network is the largest tram network in the world, so this strike will completely paralyze the Melbourne tram network, and this scale is also extremely large. The union hopes to get an 3% salary increase in the next three years (Huh? How is the figure of 18% so familiar? Yes, the union also asked for an 18% salary increase in the next three years during the last train strike). But Yarra Tram is too shameless, offering a salary increase of 18% per year. This is a gap of nearly 1.33 times. As a result, the two sides fell apart.

The bus union has applied for an action to protect workers. These include refusal to check tickets, refusal to fines on the spot, drivers refusal to observe timetables and overtime, and strike rallies. However, this refusal of fines and ticket checking must be the voice of many friends? After all, if you forget to bring your card, you will be fined 75 Australian dollars once.


So why are the unions in Australia so awkward? In fact, as early as the 19s, trade unions representing various fields were gradually established. In 50, the trade unions carried out a series of general strikes to fight for the right to sign contracts, but they were suppressed by the colonial government. Because of this failure, the trade union deeply realized that if the strike was to succeed, it would be useless to persuade the MPs and it must have its own political party. As a result, the Australian states have established Labor Parties. (It turned out to be backed by a political party!) In 1890, the Labour Party was already in power in the Commonwealth and Queensland. On May 1904, 1927, the Australian Trade Union Council was established and joined the Labour Party collectively. Under the leadership of the Australian Trade Union Council, Australian trade union strikes have been successful one after another and have had a profound impact on Australia. As of the end of 5, there were 3 trade union organizations under the Australian Trade Union Council. Their main activity is collective bargaining. Negotiations with companies are an important way to improve workers’ wages and benefits.

It seems that in Australia, the working class cannot afford to offend. However, is this powerful trade union a bit self-willed? Although the trade unions did not use violent means to fight for benefits, the strikes hurt not only the society, but also the people. Imagine how many important meetings and interviews have been destroyed because of this sudden tram strike? Therefore, from this point of view, the Heavenly Dynasty is still very humane. After all, the rights and interests of some workers are a problem for some groups. Like Australia, moving to the entire social level is unavoidable.

"Chinatown" trainee reporter Yao Meng Cai editor

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