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Editor: There is an Australian uncle who loves to sell cute on the Internet, and he is popular all over the world. He has reached the level of crossing races and genders, because he loves to play Japanese loli. He is ladybeard, nicknamed "big beard spice" in Chinese, and he has already been voted the most exciting man in Japan. Ladybeard's life can be described as "fierce". Regardless of his thick chest hair and obvious muscle lines, he can be described as shy and charming in front of the camera. His career is full of fantasies like anime. He played heavy metal, worked as a stuntman, published comics, worked as a voice actor, and even beat a professional wrestler. Recently, he formed a performance group with two Japanese cute girls Rie Kaneko and Kuronomiya, and released the first single and MV.

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The kimono portrait of the bearded hot girl can be described as an alluring country. He not only loves kimono, but also shows the beauty of kimono vividly. The elegant sitting posture tells the beauty of the East, and the deep eyes like Cleopatra seem to be able to see through your mind at a glance.


If you compare a woman to a flower, then Ladybread must be a cherry blossom, especially when he wears a kimono. Because his beauty is public and reserved. Not even every woman can wear a kimono to fit him.


Ladybeard's self-portrait plot and level are not inferior to girls. With the 90-degree depression angle selfie, the mumbled little cherry mouth showed her smiling teeth. It is said that girls who love to laugh will not have bad luck...


The "one-character horse" by the pool, I don't know how many women can match it. And the hips are upturned. I don't know how many men have longing for women, and how many women are struggling to squat and fight for it.


The other poolside photo does not show a sexy curve, but this posture is like a beauty just out of the bath. It's just a bit more sexy. By the way, this hair needs care.


This princess must take a lot of strength to hug, right? Such "women" must be able to go to the hall, go to the kitchen, move the piano when necessary, and repair the car. At the end of June this year, the bearded hot girl held fan meetings in Shanghai and Guangzhou. Badges, postcards with goddess traits and DVDs were also sold on site. Uncle has more than 6 followers on Twitter.


Finally, a good picture is presented. Uncle must be thinking about life in the bubble bath.

After entertainment, think about life. It seems that there are many ways people think about fire. But count these Internet celebrities, such as Sister Furong, Sister Feng, etc., and this uncle. What they have in common is "confidence." When I was young, I didn’t understand the usefulness of the self-confidence education promoted by Western society. Now, these benefits are exposed nakedly on the Internet. It seems that the friends should be more confident. Because "confident people will not have bad luck."

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