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Everyone knows that it is really inconvenient if there is no car in Australia. So, what is the most expensive car in Australia?

According to the latest Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV) survey,Nissan Patrol V8 costs car owners every week, the highest on the market.

The weekly cost of driving a Nissan Patrol ST-L is 443.60 yuan, including 9 yuan in car purchase fees and loan interest, gasoline fees, new tire fees, insurance and depreciation expenses.

According to RACV’s 2015 Driving Your Dollars survey,The cheapest car to buy and use is the Suzuki Celerio.The price of this small car is 12,990 yuan, and the weekly cost is only 97.65 yuan.

RACV said that the ultra-low exchange rate and the drop in oil prices have made people less economically under pressure to buy and drive cars in the past year.

This annual survey compared 13 popular vehicles in 111 categories, taking into account all the costs of regular vehicles. The car owners surveyed have owned the car for an average of 5 years and drove an average of 1.5 kilometers per year.

This year’s survey found that the overall average cost of owning a car was 211.25 yuan per week or 73.2 cents per kilometer, a slight decrease from the previous year.

RACV's general manager of automotive engineering, Michael Case, suggested that car buyers should not just look at the price when buying a new car.

"Always be careful of hidden costs-depreciation is the biggest single cost of owning a car, even if you don't realize it before you sell it."He said.

The investigation also found thatService fees for cars have also increased in the past year.

"It's important to know how much it costs to service your car, refuel, change tires, pay insurance, register, pay stamp duty, parts fees, and RACV membership fees. Before you go to the showroom, do your homework, and the most important thing is Don't be emotional. Ask yourself: am I buying the car I want or the car I need?" he said.

Most expensive (weekly)
1. Nissan Patrol 
ST-L (4*4) 5.6L V8 automatic
443.60 yuan
2. 丰田LandCruiser
GXL (4*4) 4.6L automatic
357.72 yuan
3. 丰田LandCruise
GXL (4*4) 4.5L diesel turbo automatic
355.91 yuan
4. 尼桑Patrol
ST (4*4) 3.0L turbo diesel automatic
324.66 yuan
Cheapest (weekly)
1. 铃木Celerio 
Hatchback 1.0L manual
97.65 yuan
2. 三菱Mirage
ES hatchback 1.2L manual
114.61 yuan
3. 霍顿 Barina Spark
CD hatchback 1.2L manual
118.42 yuan
4. 尼桑Micra
ST hatchback 1.2L manual
Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV) Investigation Report
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