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The Australian Department of Immigration has started investigating fake marriages!

Hundreds of visas have been cancelled! !

There is widespread practice of fraudulently obtaining permanent residency through fake marriages. The Australian Department of Immigration will severely crack down on fraudulent visas. The visas of hundreds of people have been cancelled!

At present, nearly 5 people have obtained Australian visas through marriage, which accounted for one-fourth of the total number of immigrants last year. Among them, immigrants from Asian countries such as China, India, the Philippines, and Vietnam account for the vast majority.


Although the cost of a partner visa is about 7000 Australian dollars, it is still very popular. Currently, there are still tens of thousands of applications waiting to be reviewed. According to regulations, applicants for partner visas must be married for 2 years before they can obtain permanent residency.

For those international students who want to stay in Australia, marrying an Australian is a way to obtain a visa. Every year, about 7000 international students marry Australians or maintain de facto marriages.

But in the past three years, Australian authorities have cancelled 3 partner visas. Reasons include misrepresentation, provision of wrong information or misconduct.

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The Ministry of Civil Affairs and Immigration will use a brand-new high-tech system to identify those who receive benefits as singles while also funding overseas partners.

Immigration and Border Protection Minister Peter Dutton said that they will take severe measures to combat fraudulent marriage visa fraud. “In the last year, the number of allegations against such acts by the Department of Immigration has increased significantly. Anyone who exploits loopholes in the Australian welfare and immigration system to obtain benefits will be severely punished.”

But immigration expert Bob Birrell said such fraud is very difficult to distinguish. Moreover, after the two-year waiting period for a partner’s visa has passed, the Immigration Bureau cannot always check the maintenance of the marriage relationship.

Article reprinted from "Melbourne Today"


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