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Fresh air, magnificent terrain, rare animals and food make Tasmania a gem. A global travel magazine ranked Tasmania as the fourth best island in the world.

The US "Travel and Leisure" magazine and website rank Tasmania as the best island in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.Like the phantom terrain, the famous Tasmanian Devil makes Tasmania rank ahead of Santorini in Greece and Mauritius in Hawaii.

The magazine stated that the air in Tasmania is very clean and it is a great place to rest. This ranking is based on readers. Standards are mainly determined based on attractions/beaches, activities, food, people and values. In addition, Australia's Great Barrier Reef ranks XNUMXth in the world.

Best island in the world

No. 1: Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

Rating: 90.815


No. 2: Bali, Indonesia

Rating: 88.978


No. 3: Maldives

Rating: 88.533


No. 4: Tasmania, Australia

Rating: 88.32


No. 5: Santorini, Greece

Rating: 87.93


No. 6: Moorea, French Polynesia

Rating: 87.904


No. 7: Maui, Hawaii

Rating: 87.89


No. 8: Kauai, Hawaii

Rating: 87.882


No. 9: Great Barrier Reef Islands, Australia

Rating: 87.31


No. 10: Malta

Rating: 86.897


The article is reproduced from "Travel and Leisure", edited by "Health Street"

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