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Ibn Battuta, a legendary traveler who has measured 44 countries with his steps, once said,

The beauty of traveling makes the language pale,

And you will eventually become a storyteller.

The Morrington Peninsula is only an hour’s drive from Melbourne.

The perfect fusion of European seaside life and Australia’s unique charm,

The island contains beautiful stories of different segments of life,

And you, the protagonist of which story?

When you were an innocent child,

Morrington Peninsula may be

Fun time with your friends peekaboo in the IELTS maze,

Is the first strawberry picked by hand,

With that sweet and sour juicy fresh taste,

It was an exhibition of sand sculptures full of childishness that I met in Frankston,

It’s even the wooden door of the secret garden of Beleura House,

Full of endless curiosity to meet beautiful fairies and dwarfs,

And when the overflowing youth needs to be released,

You can gallop along the winding coastline,

Experience the thrill of speed and passion,


Or roam with the dolphins in Port Phillip,

Seek the most tender memory!

As you grow up, you begin to understand the pressures of life,

I also start to want to relax my tight heart,

Then come to the high place between the sea and the sky,

Stretch your body as much as you want,

Or quietly enjoy the warmth of Peninsula Hot Springs,

Let the rippling water slowly soothe your heart,

it's here,

You will meet 82 colorful beach huts in Brighton Beach,

Sister Na came here to celebrate her achievements the first time after winning the championship.


There are 170 wineries and more than 50 wine cellars on the peninsula.

When you walk quietly through the beautiful vineyards,

Maybe you will meet the slowly growing love,

What color should love be?

Whether it's red or golden,

Here, you will always meet the most brilliant colors,


Until one day, walk into the door of the sacred marriage,

Hand in hand with your lover in the beautiful sunset,

Looking forward to staying together in this life,

The days from now on may be like the color of the sea,

Colorful and colorful, as if never getting tired,

As the years go by, you will slowly settle,

Began to appreciate the charm of golf,

There are 15 golf clubs in Morrington,

Change one club every week, you can keep the same for four months!


If you are obsessed with art,

Will fall in love with the Artists Trail along the Sorrento,

Strolling with the seaside galleries in the breeze,


There will also be a choice of left or right,

In fact, no matter where you go,

You will meet different beautiful scenery, and stories in beautiful scenery,

And you will eventually become the person in that seemingly plain story,

Sit with your favorite person,

Quietly, watching the sunset slowly fall.

Here is the Morrington Peninsula full of stories,

And where are you?


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