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It is said that Melbourne will usher in the coldest winter ever~ However, staying at home or hibernating is by no means the right way to open in winter. How to make your winter weekend enjoyable and fulfilling? This is a guide for you!

8am ▏瑜伽课,Grass Roots

Grass Roots is located in Richmond and is one of the best yoga studios in Melbourne. Every morning, accompanied by the warm winter sun, come here for a yoga class, exercise your muscles, and make your blood boil. Ensure that after this, you will not complain about the cold. . . Also, don’t worry about getting out of shape when you take off your thick winter clothes next spring!

Address: Level 1, 204-206 Bridge Road, Richmond, 3121 VIC

Phone: 03 9428 2310


9:30am ▏Chai Latte,Brother Baba Budan

Coffee can be regarded as the soul of Melbourne, so let's find a coffee shop for morning tea or cream latte. Brother Baba Budan is a good choice~ In addition to coffee, it also offers a lot of desserts and snacks. After sweating wildly in the morning yoga class, I am sure you cannot say no to the beautiful and delicious doughnuts here! Then don't be shy and choose a comfortable seat to taste slowly!

Address: 359 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne, 3000 VIC

Phone: 03 9606 0449


10am ▏能量暴走,Emporium

Weekends, the most important thing is time~ Enough for you to wander around Emporium, Melbourne's largest mall! In the uninterrupted runaway, while your calories are burning, you will also automatically heat up to warm your body!

Address: level1,287 Lonsdale Street,CBD


11:30am ▏可颂,Chez Dré

The overwhelmingly popular Chez Dré sells their delicious butter croissants at South Melbourne Market! So hurry up and have one, and in view of winter, Buick will buckle up your own cream and jam.

Address: Rear, 285-287 Coventry Street, South Melbourne, 3205 VIC

Phone: 03 9690 2688


12pm ▏Sauna,Sunlighten

Modern and luxurious, after a busy week, why not give yourself a big sauna feast on the weekend as a reward! As one of the best sauna shops in Melbourne, Sunlighten will be your best choice~ It has given up the use of steam and replaced it with safer infrared technology. Come and use the warmth of the sauna to drive away the depression of winter!

Address: 359 Clarendon Street, South Melbourne, 3205 VIC

Phone: 03 9696 4602


1:30pm ▏拉面&五花肉包,Shop Ramen

A hot bowl of miso soup with hand-made ramen in the soup. The one that sounds like "smooth" is the perfect winter weekend lunch! The BBQ Chicken Ramen from Shop Ramen, a popular ramen chain in Collingwood, can meet your needs! Make sure that no matter how cold your heart is, it can be melted away! If you want another plate of pork belly buns, just eat it, you won't regret it!

Address: 329 Smith Street, Collingwood, 3065 VIC


3pm ▏提前放松,Gravity Floatation Centre

If you haven't been to the gravity suspension center in Northcote, that would be a pity! This can be regarded as one of my favorite health facilities! They provide a warm floating pod with salt water, which not only relaxes the muscles completely, but is also great for the skin! It's the ultimate pamper for myself!

Address: 559 High Street, Northcote, 3070 VIC

Phone: 03 8394 6690


5pm ▏小酌,Kitty Somerset

Dim lights, comfortable sofa seats, quiet and not stressful, you might as well come and sit here on cold winter nights. From professional cocktails, beer, cider to a series of liqueurs, you must Will fall in love here!

Address: 565 High Street, Northcote, 3070 VIC

Phone: 03 9482 9445


7pm ▏晚餐,Los Hermanos

As fish and tacos go well, Mexican food goes well with winter dinners! One of the most correct decisions you will make this winter must be to go to Los Hermanos for a De Pescado, which is a fish taco! Served with mayonnaise and fresh coriander, it is really delicious and save money!

Address: 339 Victoria Street, Brunswick, 3056 VIC

phone! 03 9939 3661


9pm ▏音乐和酒,Wesley Anne

Wesley Anne used to be a church, but now it has turned into a perfect bar~ I believe that no matter how picky you are, your friends will love this place! Firewood, bricks, swaying candles, coupled with carefully selected live music, make a beautiful day end on such a good night, you will definitely not be willing to leave!

Address: 250 High Street, Northcote, 3070 VIC

Phone: 03 9482 1333


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