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When I studied the history of Australian immigration, I learned that nearly a quarter of Australians were born overseas. At that time, I had the impression that Australians "like to have children in other corners of the world". However, a recent report made the editor suddenly realize that according to the Daily Mail Margaret Simons, the city of Angels (Angeles City) in northern Manila, Philippines has a high birth rate. Many of the fathers of these children are from Australia!


Some good Australian fathers pay for the child's support, but some fathers never pay or even know it.

The biological father of a child named Kevin is from Australia, named Peter, who is over 50 years old. Peter used to strengthen Kevin's mother Rochelle on social networks. Although I don't know if it is true love, Peter has to visit Rochelle anyway. But when Peter learned that Rochelle was pregnant, he ruthlessly deleted their only contact information-Yahoo Mail account. Rochelle was only 14 years old.


There is also a boy named John who lives in a place not far from Kevin. Father is from Melbourne. Unlike Kevin's father, John's father would still come here to visit John at first, and he would also post photos of himself and his children playing on Facebook. From time to time, I have to send money to the child’s mother to raise the child. I thought he was a good father, but not long after, John's father stopped sending money and blocked them on Facebook. So John, who was enjoying educational resources, had to drop out of school.


So why does this so-called Angel City have such a high birth rate? Will there be so many Australian fathers?

In fact, Angel City is a well-known local tourist spot for sex trading. According to the local tourism bureau, 470 million tourists from overseas come to the Philippines every year, of which 60% are men. And Australian men accounted for the vast majority, becoming the third largest local consumer. There is also a US report showing that Australians are also an active group in the sex trade.

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So, will these irresponsible Australian fathers be punished by law? There is a mutual agreement between Australia and the Philippines. In the above cases, the corresponding Australians should be responsible for child support under the laws of the Philippines. However, because the Philippine legal system is not perfect, the practice of this kind of law still has great resistance.

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