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dialogue:Chen Danqing Liang Wendao

Still low self-esteem, very deep inferiority

Liang Wendao:Have you heard of that, a while ago on the streets of Hong Kong, a mainland child urinated.

Chen Danqing:I don't care about these things. It will be so. Not only in Hong Kong, but in the world, Chinese tourists have become the most annoying group of people.

Liang Wendao:I don't want to say that, but there is a trend. I go to Europe almost every year, and I obviously feel that Europeans have been unkind to us Chinese in recent years.

Chen Danqing:I paid for things and they didn't look at me from start to finish, knowing that there was another Chinese. But when I went there 5 years ago and 10 years ago, I was very friendly, and I took me to have a chat. Now I'm down after doing business.

Liang Wendao:It was not like this before, but now it feels very bad. For example, when I went to Japan and passed a fruit shop, I didn't even take a closer look. The person in the shop came out with a very nervous expression, "Don't touch!" Tell me not to touch it. I feel a little disgusted. Later, a young employee in their store who was good at English explained to me that many of us Chinese went there and pinched one and the other, making their things hard to sell.

Then my feeling is that there must be such a phenomenon, but I don't think it is so common. There are about 50 mainland tourists in Hong Kong every day, maybe even more. When the tourists come, how many people will pee on the street? He might only have one in a day or two. But the trouble with this thing is that the locals are particularly sensitive to this kind of thing, and every day 50 people will be noticed if only one person does it. Especially now that you can access the Internet, it will be increased and expanded, and then slowly form an impression: they are all like this.

I am often scolded for this in Hong Kong. I explained to the people of Hong Kong that we cannot raise the problem to a general judgment just because of a few things: how about the mainlanders. This is very unscientific. On the other hand, when things do happen, the feeling is very strong.

For example, I have encountered such a thing. There is a very expensive department store in Hong Kong called Lane Crawford. I was walking there one day and saw a mainland tourist. He was on the menswear floor of Hong Kong's most high-end department store. He took off his shirt and had a big belly. He took an Armani from the hanger and tried it on. The clerk came and said, sir, there is a fitting room over there. He said that the fitting room had to line up. The clerk said, sorry, just wait for a while. Some people from Hong Kong can't bear it, saying why you are like this. That tourist became very popular, do you know what he said in the first sentence? This sentence is very common now. "Do you look down on us Chinese?"

So sometimes the problem becomes what,It was not that they looked down on Chinese people, but this behavior was what people looked down on. But he is very sensitive. His first impression is that you treat me this way. Is it because I am Chinese? Do you look down on Chinese people?

So his next question is likely to arise. If the person doing this today is not a Chinese, would you still say that? Just like the incident of a child urinating on the street, many netizens said, if this is a Japanese, this is a British, would you Hong Kong people scold him?

Hong Kong people may really treat foreigners better, but there is a reason that mainland tourists are really the majority of tourists going to Hong Kong. The unpleasant encounters will accumulate and cause such a problem. Good impression. On the other hand, today we have so many tourists going abroad, we have a lot of money in our pockets, and Chinese tourists have become the most expensive group of tourists in the world. We always say that we are rising, but there always seems to be something in our hearts...

Chen Danqing:Still low self-esteem, very deep inferiority.

Liang Wendao:So his first sentence was "Do you look down on us Chinese".

Chinese psychology has not changed much

Chen Danqing:Not to mention Hong Kong, it is in mainland China,This "you look down on me" is a backup word for everyone. Anything, when you turn your face, "You look down on me."This is very strange, I have not heard it in other languages.

Liang Wendao:This is a bit like saying that your dignity is based entirely on how others think of you.

Chen Danqing:His first reaction is that you look down on me, he doesn't want this, he doesn't have the basic education.In fact, he despises himself. All Chinese people despise themselves. The Chinese people also despise the Chinese in their hearts, and are afraid that others will despise him.

Liang Wendao:To say that outsiders look down on you, they haven't looked down on you before. For example, I went to France in the 1990s. The French are very kind to the Chinese. Until the beginning of 2000, the annual poll asked the French which country they had the best impression of. China ranked first. In the 1980s and 1990s, it often ranked first. Americans hated it and always ranked behind. At that time, people looked down on you very much. I still remember that when I met a French, I first came to talk to you about civilization, how China, Confucius, and the country of etiquette are. So now there is such a situation, I think it is very contradictory. In the past, we said that the more exchanges, the more contacts, and the better understanding of each other, now it is worse. In the past, not many people have a good impression of you, but when you have more contacts, they think you are like this. I think we are very anxious in this. On the one hand, we are very rich and have gone abroad a lot. Our vision is different from before. However, for fear that others will look down on yourself, this feeling is stronger. This is strange.

Chen Danqing:The psychological motivation for China's prosperity and power is to make others worthy of themselves one dayWell, he still has to look at it in his own way. The year before I went abroad, 1981, maybe 1980. Our school is in Wangfujing, and one day I suddenly heard a noise from Chang'an Street that only tens of thousands of people would make. We ran out to see how wide Chang'an Avenue is, 50 meters wide, and we saw thousands of Beijing men, riding their bicycles, almost all of them shirtless. It seems that because the Chinese women's volleyball team won, they shouted and cursed and were happy, and came over like a flood. I don't understand why I am so happy after winning a ball. It is not from the government, no one organizes them, but the people.

Liang Wendao:You are not a fan.

Chen Danqing:I am not only a fan, I am not a nationalist. I was very surprised, and I understood a lot of things. Not long after the end of the "Cultural Revolution", China is not as good as others, so it will be like this after winning a ball. He was looking for something that would make him valued, and just that, he broke out. Now that the country has undergone tremendous changes, this psychological state has not changed much, but may be more deformed and implemented in all kinds of things you can't think of. It suddenly occurred to him that you look down on me, I've long been looked down on, and you still look down on me!

Liang Wendao:What is the way we want others to look up to ourselves today? For example, when mainland tourists have conflicts with local residents in Hong Kong, the most common words that come up are "Are you looking down on us Chinese", "Are you not treating yourself as a Chinese", what's next? "If it weren't for us to consume, you would be dead." "If it wasn't for us to spend money, what would you eat?" He strangely put respectable channels or methods on this.

Chen Danqing:The problem is that he doesn't understand, this is what he looks down upon. It's really look down on you to think this way, he didn't expect this to be what he looks down on.

Young people have become modern people

Liang Wendao:I think this reflects China's own problems. just becauseIn our country, if you are rich, powerful, and powerful, people look down on you. In China today, we do not look down on a person just because he is honest and honest. We look down on a person by looking down on where he goes, what car he drives, and whether he can afford to spend a lot of money. This is our way of seeing people, and we took this way of seeing people when we went abroad.

Chen Danqing:core value.

Liang Wendao:This is really a core value. But this is not the case.

Once in Germany, I went hiking with a friend and took a bus when I went downhill. A pair of young men and women came here. They looked like Asian faces, very healthy and sunny. They have seats when they board the bus. Later, a pair of elderly people came up without a seat. My friend and I were about to stand up, but the two young men immediately got up and gave way to greet the old gentlemen and old ladies in English. We saw in the back, very happy, and guessed where they came from. There are all Chinese people next to me. I said that I must not be Chinese. I guess it's either Japanese or something. Later, I heard the two of them speak, first speaking in Beijing dialect, which is so gratifying. You know what I mean, sometimes it feels like this: You want people to be admirable. It's not that you drive a sports car to climb the mountain, but just give up your seat on the bus. How can you afford it? In fact, it is like this.

Chen Danqing:Young people are much better. I talk about two experiences. One is that I went to Italy last year for the Venice Biennale, and then I went to see murals in those small towns in Tuscany. When I was changing cars, two beautiful Asians came. I couldn't tell whether they were Japanese, Korean, mainland Chinese or Hong Kong and Taiwanese. Probably at the age of twenty-two or three. Men have curly hair and beard, and girls are also very good-looking, and they are dressed in trendy but not exaggerated fashion. Two people held hands and got on the bus with us, and I overheard them. As a result, they spoke Mandarin. I couldn't help it, so I asked, where did the two come from? Say we came here from Fujian to get married. I am very happy. They are obviously rich second-generation and have their own company. They can go to Tuscany to spend their honeymoon by themselves at such a young age, and they chose a church in a certain town for the wedding. I am very touched. I was still in the countryside at that age, and it was impossible to go abroad, let alone get married. I know that there are thousands of wealthy children in China now, who can travel abroad to get married. This is good news anyway, and very polite. The result was not from a big city. They talked about a place I forgot. I kept looking at them and asked to take photos with them.

The second thing I am also very happy. When I went to Europe for painting this year, when I was queuing through the security check, a kid in front of me recognized me and asked me to sign and take pictures. I said where are you going? He said I was going to New York. I said you go to school in New York? He said that I have a free time recently, and I want to go to New York to play. I am also more moved. Now a "post-80s" or "post-90s", he just spends his spare time and goes to New York to play with his own money.

I only met these two, but now there are tens of thousands of young people, I dare not say too much, they can already go out. IThe disgusting Chinese people seen abroad are basically the "post-50s" and "post-60s". The disgusting "post-70s" are rarely seen. This is a great improvement.You see China has become richer and stronger, but China is definitely not a modern country, and the Chinese are not yet a modern crowd. But one by one young people have become modern people. This is what makes me most happy. There will be more people like this, I think.

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