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Due to internet poisoning, Xiaoyu (a pseudonym), a 15-year-old boy in Juye County, Heze City, Shandong Province, carried aphrodisiac and used stockings to rob and rape in the night. Recently, the Juye County People's Court of Heze City sentenced the defendant Xiaoyu to nine years in prison for robbery and rape, and fined 3000 yuan.

Xiaoyu, born in 1999, dropped out of school before graduating from junior high school. Because Xiaoyu's parents are busy with family livelihoods all day long, they rarely communicate with Xiaoyu and pay little attention to their children's growth and psychology. During the dropout period, Xiaoyu went out to work for a short period of time. During the work period, Xiaoyu became obsessed with online games and pornographic websites, and joined some QQ groups with obscene content, and his values ​​and morals became increasingly distorted.

On October 2014, 10, Xiaoyu had the idea of ​​robbery due to lack of money to go online. He thought that Zhang opened a small shop in the same village, and his husband was working outside. The 12-year-old Zhang alone took two young children and should be rich. At about 35 o'clock that day, Xiaoyu added three packets of aphrodisiac purchased online into a bottle of beverage cans, and brought a pair of pantyhose with him to Zhang's residence. At about 21 o'clock, Xiaoyu covered his head with silk stockings and went over the wall to enter Zhang's house. First he found 23 boxes of cigarettes and two stacks of 24 yuan banknotes from the canteen, then kicked open the door of Zhang's residence with his feet and broke in. Zhang pushed it to the ground in the room, and forcibly poured a drink with aphrodisiac. Because Zhang strongly resisted, the drink was not poured. At this time, Xiaoyu covered Zhang's head with a quilt, beat him, and turned around, finding cash of 1 yuan, a necklace, five food stamps and a Republican banknote. Then, Xiaoyu held a dagger and forced Zhang to drink a drink with aphrodisiac, forcing him to commit adultery, and used his mobile phone to take nude photos of the victim and the rape process, threatening to let Zhang prepare 1118 yuan in cash for him the next day. . After committing the crime, Xiaoyu also rode away a two-wheeled electric bike in Zhang's home.

After the incident, Zhang immediately reported to the police. After analyzing the case, the policeman believed that the suspect would come again, so he set up an ambush and arrested Xiaoyu who had come to collect money in the early morning of the next day. A two-wheeled electric car, 1268 yuan, 5 food stamps, 1 Republican banknote and 24 boxes of cigarettes that Xiaoyu robbed were all chased by the police and returned to the victim.

During the trial of the case, Xiaoyu's father realized that his negligence in discipline had caused serious harm to the victim's family and his children. While regretting, he expressed that he would learn the lesson and would discipline Xiaoyu strictly. At the same time, he voluntarily returned the victim's necklace payment of 3000 yuan and the treatment fee during the hospitalization period of 6000 yuan to the court, urging Xiaoyu to be punished lightly. The victim Zhang expressed his disapproval of compensation for the loss, no understanding, and demanded a judgment in accordance with the law.

Based on the circumstances and nature of the crime in this case and the degree of harm to society, the Juye County People’s Court sentenced the defendant Xiaoyu to six years and four months’ imprisonment for robbery and a fine of 3000 yuan; for rape, he was sentenced to a fixed-term sentence Three years and ten months' imprisonment; decision was made to carry out a nine-year imprisonment and a fine of 3000 yuan.

Article reproduced from "Qilu Evening News"

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