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Monocle's latest list of the world's 25 most liveable cities was released, with Melbourne and Sydney entering the top five.

According to Traveler Australia, Tokyo ranks first, Austria's capital Vienna is second, and Berlin is third. Berlin's ranking has risen 11 places from last year. Sydney ranks fifth and has climbed 6 places from last year.

Australia's most populous city and the sixth safest city in the world beat Stockholm (6th), Vancouver (7th), Helsinki (8th), Munich (10th) and Zurich (XNUMXth). The list uses the following factors as a measurement standard: the price of a cup of coffee, recycling rate, unemployment level, three-bedroom price, etc.

The reasons why Sydney ranks so high are: low unemployment rate (4.3%), high recycling rate (68%), and the provision of swimming pools for workers (humanity).

But Melbourne's ranking has dropped. The world’s friendliest city fell from third to fourth, but it is still one place higher than Sydney.

This year’s ranking has added 22 new metrics, including housing prices and living costs, such as the price of a three-bedroom house, the price of a cup of coffee, a glass of wine and a lunch.

The new measure put cities such as Copenhagen out of the top ten, while cities such as Berlin and Sydney squeezed into the top ten. Copenhagen ranked first in both the 2013 and 2014 lists.

Helsinki, Munich and Zurich also dropped in this year's ranking. The rising cities include Vancouver, Paris, Lisbon and Geneva.

The full list is as follows:







7. Vancouver




11. Copenhagen


13. Singapore






19.Hong Kong

20. Amsterdam

21. Hamburg

22. Geneva

23. Oslo

24. Barcelona

25. Poland

News compiled from "Australia Travellers Network"

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