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The Chinese may find the Tu-Ao accent really difficult to learn! In fact, speaking authentic Australian English is so easy! Josh Hawkins, a comedian in Sydney, said that there is only one secret, abbreviate everything!

On Monday night, the 30-year-old comedian posted this hilarious short film teasing Australian slang under his account called Hi Josh. In the film, Josh also invited actor Rhys Keir to shoot with him.

Now this short film has more than 30 clicks on Facebook and shared more than 7000 times. Although the short film is short, it vividly shows to the world how "efficient" Australians are (the editor said: Australians are just lazy...).

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Hawkins said in the film: "We are from Tuao. We like to chat, but we don't talk nonsense. What we Tuoao people do is to abbreviate all words."

In the film, Hawkins and Rhys showed netizens nearly 90 words of Australian language, and used humorous body language and facial expressions to demonstrate the difference between English and Australian English. In the film, “Chocolate” becomes “Choccie”, “postman” becomes “postie”, “devastated” becomes “devo”, and “Australians” becomes “Strayans”...

The abbreviation seems to prove the laziness of the people in the Australian village, but every Australian will tell you that this is their secret to saving time. Saying "this afternoon" as "s'arvo" is also lazy. Both syllables are gone. Although two syllables are not too many, they are connected into one sentence, "Strayans are left with more time to play footy or have a bevvy on a Sundee arvo" (Turkish and Australian people save more time playing football or drinking beer on a Sunday afternoon). The editor said that I really don’t understand it without reading the previous article!

English-Australian English

This afternoon——S'arvo
Saint Vincent De Paul-Vinnies
Salvation Army-Salvos
From out west——Westie
Garbage man——Garbo
Tracksuit pants——Trackie dacks

Click here to watch the video

In this regard, the editor just wants to say that the people of Tuao and Australia really know how to play!

News compiled from "Australian Daily Mail"

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