No matter how bad it is, someone will buy it? The worst house in Australia listed for sale

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Some people want to break it like this? The worst houses in Australia listed for sale!





So how can this seemingly dilapidated house be listed for sale? It turned out that what the owner was selling was not the house itself, but the prime location here.

据悉,这幢房屋位于50 Deighton Rd,Dutton Park。斯本CBD仅有2.5公里。房屋代理商Gunther Behrendt表示,他根本没有为这幢房屋任何“花言巧语”,其地理位置就是最大的卖点。

"I admit that this house is indeed too bad to bear. But as long as you get the approval to demolish the house. You can build your dream house in this prime location. It is the worst house in Australia, yes, but It is also in the best location in Australia."


It is reported that this house will be publicly auctioned on August 8. Currently, the median house price in Dutton Park is $22.

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