Australia's best hunter: killed 37 crocodiles in 2 years

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According to the "" report, crocodiles are a potential danger for humans living close to rivers. Fierce crocodiles can easily take human lives. Humans are also quite dangerous for crocodiles. A crocodile hunter in Australia has killed more than 37 crocodiles in 2 years, of which the largest crocodile is 5 meters long.

According to the "Daily Mail" report, Mick Pitman, a 57-year-old hunter in the Northern Territory of Australia, has "fighted" with crocodiles since he was 20 years old, and killed more than 37 crocodiles in 2 years; although Mick has not broken the record of "German Jack", but his record is still impressive. He once lay in ambush for nearly a month in order to hunt a giant crocodile up to 500 cm long, and finally conquered it with 1 bullets.

Mick said that his hunting skills were taught by his stepfather and his master "German Jack" who had supplemented four prehistoric giant crocodiles; however, he also admitted that he still felt his inner panic during the battle with the crocodiles.

Mick also mentioned that on average, 10 out of 1 crocodiles will be particularly difficult to deal with. The most impressive experience is to hunt a 3.8-meter crocodile at a time. It was dragged into the swamp, but fortunately there was a bamboo sword on the ship that was able to repel the crocodile and save his life.

Despite countless killings of crocodiles, Mick still observes the crocodile for one minute after the incident, expressing his "animal homage", and makes specimens or sells the captured crocodiles; Mick finally added, "My wife I have always hoped that I can retire as soon as possible, but I don’t think there will be that day unless I can’t stand up again.”

News compiled from "Australia Net"

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