Can you receive professional training in Australia without going abroad? It seems Australia is increasingly welcoming Chinese technicians

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The Australian Assistant Minister of Education, Birmingham, who is visiting China, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Chinese government this week. The agreement will pave the way for thousands of Chinese people to obtain Australian vocational qualifications.

"The Australian" reported on the 17th that in the above memorandum of understanding, the Chinese government will allow Australian regulators to review training providers in China and Australia. At the same time, the Chinese government will also give more support to Australian vocational technology suppliers. According to the report, this is the first time that the Australian Skills Quality Authority (Australian Skills Quality Authority) has been authorized to review training providers in China. It is reported that a total of 3.5 people in China are receiving courses offered by Australians. The article pointed out that under the Australia-China Free Trade Agreement (FTA), Australian private training courses have become a popular institution for Chinese people, and student visas and other entry visas have become more convenient and faster.
In this regard, Birmingham said, “The memorandum of understanding will also promote the strengthening of institutional cooperation between the two countries and ensure the quality of training. We hope that Australian training providers can gain a higher reputation, gain support from the Chinese authorities, and further expand their business in China.” He also Emphasize: "The Chinese government and Chinese companies need to have confidence in Australian training suppliers and believe that we can provide better training."
It is reported that the Chinese government hopes to increase the number of people receiving vocational education from 2020 million to 3000 million by 3800. Birmingham said, “For the Australian business community, this is a very big opportunity. They can invest in China to help Chinese people obtain skills and qualifications recognized by Australia.” He further pointed out: “We have seen universities in recent years. With the tremendous development of the training business, we should also see the opportunities in the field of vocational education and training."

News compiled from "The Australian"

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