Be careful not to use barbecue briquettes for heating. A man in Sydney was fatal

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In Sydney's west, a man died of carbon monoxide poisoning. Police found briquettes for barbecue and an electric heater beside his bed.

According to ABC reports, the 29-year-old man’s brother found the deceased in his bedroom at a house in Greystanes on Friday. He and a friend sent the man to Westmead Hospital (Westmead Hospital) for emergency treatment, but he could no longer wake up.

Forensic experts inspected the house and found a frying pan filled with barbecue briquettes beside the electric heater. NSW Police Acting Superintendent Powers (Jim Powers) said that the man was believed to have tried to warm the house before his death. "It seems that the barbecue briquettes emit toxic gas. The man was smoked by the toxic gas and died unfortunately," he said. "These barbecue briquettes are only suitable for outdoor use."

Bowers said that there were other people in the house at the time, but the man was in a closed bedroom. "The police should remind the community that no outdoor heaters or barbecue auxiliary equipment can be used indoors, especially in enclosed spaces," he said. "This kind of electrical appliances and substances emit toxic and dangerous gases and cause death or serious injury. "At present, it seems that this victim was smoked by some kind of gas, and the police believe that this may be the cause of death." The man's body will then undergo an autopsy.

News compiled from "Sydney Morning Herald"

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