Bull Market Diary|The luckiest stockholders: Thousand-share limit down and XNUMX-share up limit have all caught up

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This week has been so complete. It is rare for others to see in their entire lives. You have caught up with——

Monday: The opening of the quotation has a daily limit of XNUMX shares, and the closing of XNUMX shares fell.

Tuesday: Thousand shares drop limit at the opening, and thousands of shares are suspended at night.

Wednesday: The opening limit of XNUMX shares fell, and the closing index futures fell limit.

Thursday: The opening index futures fell by the limit again, and the XNUMX-share daily limit was closed.


On July 7, the two cities opened low in early trading and moved high, finally turning red for the first time in three days. After 9:14, a miracle occurred: 1309 tradable stocks had 1273 daily limit, and all GEM stocks that were not suspended had daily limit. The Shanghai Index closed at 3709.33 points, up 5.76%, the biggest one-day increase in more than 6 years!

What's even more surprising is that a total of 492 stocks climbed from the down limit to the up limit. Investors who bravely bought bottoms in early trading made 20%.

However, not everyone is happy with today’s skyrocketing. There are still many investors who finally sold the stocks that they held on for a long time in early trading...

The script of the shortest tragedy has a new version: last Friday, cut the meat and make new ones, this week, the warehouse is full of bottom hunters, and this Thursday, the limit is cleared.

Xiao San, who can’t afford to hurt, his mentality journey is like a child from a poor family in the late Qing Dynasty entering the palace, always hesitating whether to have it. At the age of eighteen, I figured it out this year. I cut it down and the person next to me told me: Revolution!


The Chinese stock market is like this. When you still have hope, it makes you desperate; when you are desperate, it gives you hope again.

Yesterday, Shiji Dingli, who was still complaining about the inability to suspend trading and "cries dizzy on the keyboard", set a daily limit within one hour of opening on July 7. The stocks that were suspended only today successfully met the plunge and successfully avoided the daily limit.

Seeing the stock market soaring, many listed companies that "played dead" and suspended trading announced their resurrection:


Today’s skyrocketing also gave a stock market prophet that the emperor was born:


However, the prophet emperor told the editor on QQ that he was all Mongolian. Some people also suspected that he had moved in the time of posting.

How to identify the characteristics of the bottom of the stock market, in fact, there is the most reliable way, you can look at your own stocks:

Feature XNUMX: No one in the group loves to talk.

Feature XNUMX: The speaker has a tendency to violence.

Feature XNUMX: The person who talks talks about everything, but doesn't talk about stocks.

Feature XNUMX: No one is watching A shares, they are all watching A movies.

Feature XNUMX: The group owner is missing.

If there are more than 3 characteristics, you can boldly buy; if the above 5 characteristics appear at the same time, you can fully operate.

The stock market rose sharply today, and investors praised the country:

The stock market crash has witnessed the strength of the country, tested loopholes, trained the team, removed leverage, lowered valuations, taught gamblers, and focused on solving the long-cherished wish of the people to work hard and work with peace of mind.

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