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Three tickets = one car? New Melbourne driver [preventing penalty] 36 counts


The following is a summary of my conscience:

First of all, the editor took a self-test, and it takes 18 minutes to read this article. However, this 18-minute time can help you reduce the likelihood of being fined by 80%. A driver who is lucky or has trouble dealing with traffic rules may be fined for a car within a week! This is definitely not sensational! Parking illegally, driving a mobile phone, speeding, running a red light, ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand, are fines for nothing! Learning from the history of other people's blood and tears is not only saving money, but also safer!


First of all几位有过被罚经历司机的自白:

Driver No. XNUMX, Mr. Su:
Two thousand fines for speeding while traveling by car
“澳洲路况好,Used to speeding,did not expectTwo daysThe itineraryFined $1900. "
Punishment experience:In February of this year, I asked a few friends to drive to the Great Ocean Road. The scenery along the way is very beautiful, especially after taking a nap in Portland, it overtakes several cars and trucks all the way, and then continues to Adelaide according to the established route A2.
Highway A1The speed limit is 100 kilometers per hour, Although GPS will promptly remind you of the speed in the speed limit section, but after the small town of Portland, there are only a handful of vehicles driving along the way, even going all the wayNo people and vehicles can be seen for more than ten kilometers. In this"Great" road conditionsunder,超速行驶习惯了的我自然不会放过,按照自己的驾车习惯开得那叫一个'Cool'. I occasionally glanced at the dashboard, although I foundAlready speeding, But still relaxed his vigilance on such a good section. I was driving in high spirits and suddenly I saw it in the rearview mirrorA police car followed closely, Obviously came at us, because we have a car before and after!

下车之后,警察告诉我们超速了,他OfSpeedometerShow yes122km / h。我们还以对付警察的那种方式plead. But how to sayThe police are not moved, Asked for my driver's license and issued a ticket. The reason for the fine is'Speeding between 15km/h and 25km is fined 234 Australian dollars and 3 points are deducted. 'Then the police gave us a ticket and reminded us to pay attention later, I signed and left. I control the following sections and the return journey at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour. But I didn’t expect that after returning to Melbourne, I received several other road sections consecutively.Speeding fine bill,total1900 yuan, Are all speeding fines for self-driving two days ago. "

Editor's reminder:

Driving in Australia is different from that in China.

Many domestic drivers who are used to speeding come here to pay special attention. Police enforcement in Australia is veryStrict and fairOnce a ticket is issued, there is no room for maneuver. year 1991,Former Prime Minister of AustraliaWhile Hawking is drivingForgot to wear a seat beltIn州受到警方A $100 finedeal with. This shows the strict law enforcement here. The fines for speeding in Australia are different. If you exceed the speed limit, you will be fined one or two thousand, so novices must remember!

Driver #XNUMX, Ms. Mary:

看到黄灯加速 罚掉了washing machine


"Not long after I got my driver's license,Fined twice in a week.washing machineOfMoney is gone, I dare not drive anymore. "

On April 4 this year, at the traffic intersection of Victoria street and Elizaberth Street in Melbourne CITY, I droveWhen I'm about to reach the white line,seetraffic lightByGreen to yellow, I subconsciouslySpeed ​​up, I did not expect to receive a ticket later.The ticket didn't say I ran a red light, But that I wasSpeeding 5 kilometers, Fined149 Australian dollars. The other time I was50 kmWas detected on the speed limit road53 km, Fined128 Australian dollars.

Editor's reminder:

Victoria’s new super cameras all use the latest technology, and even your tire patterns can be clearly seen in a photo. And most intersections in Melbourne City areSpeeding plus red light detection, So generallyDo not speed up when the light turns yellow, Not being photographed under a red light but it is also easy to be photographed by speeding. To prevent rear-end cars from rear-ending, slow down before crossing the intersection instead of slowing down after seeing a yellow light. "I would rather give three points than grab a second", here is also something to keep in mind from time to time.

Mr. Davis, driver number three:

If you don’t pay attention to the stop sign, half an hour is considered two hours


"Because of habitual parking,Not paying attention to the stop sign, Regarded half an hour as two hours and was fined55 knives. "

In March of this year, I got up early and went to Vietnam Street on Springvale Road to get a haircut and shopping. Although it arrived at 3 o'clock in the morning, the parking space was still difficult to find. After going around the free parking area for two hours, I finally found a parking space.I didn't see the parking sign, So excitedly went shopping. About two hours later, my wife and I came out to the car with our hands full of things. At a glance, we saw a note on the windshield. I took it off and saw it.$55 fine. My wife and I are very puzzled, is it more than two hours, but we came out on time, are we fined a few minutes late? But weGet off the car and look at the parking sign carefullyJust understand that the whole90% of the parking lot is free for 2 hours. The row where I parked is marked 1/2P, It is free for half an hour. The feeling of being happy about buying many cheap things just now was wiped out. A total of more than 50 dollars was spent on shopping, and 55 dollars were fined. These cheap things suddenly doubled.

Editor's reminder:

澳大利亚主要公路两旁泊车位,但是对Parking location, time, and whether to chargeWait明确的规定。如果心存侥幸,在不该停车的地方停车,或者停车超时,等你再回到车上时,赫然发现车窗上正贴着罚单。所以,在这边停车一定要仔细看好停车标识,坚决不要心存侥幸心理,超时停车或是在不该停车的地方泊车。

Driver No. XNUMX, student Lu:

Receive three tickets for 20 minutes without a driver's license


A while ago, I was waiting for a bus while turning left onto Canterbury on Middleborough Rd, just behindFollowed a police car.Turn leftJust after going outWalked a hundred meters,BackThe car lights flashed. I didn't know what happened, so I stopped at the Bus Stop in front. Because I wasn't sure if I stopped at a place where I shouldn't, I decided with him. After he got off the car, let meShow documents. I put one in the cartranslatorTo him, he said after seeingThis is not mine, I took a look, Khan,It's my girlfriend. So I looked for it on the carriage return, but didn't find it. I have been driving here for more than two years. I usually remember that the translation has been in the car, and I haven't moved it. This time I suddenly don't know where it is. But I had another one in my girlfriend's car, so I called to ask my girlfriend to send it over. She happened to have something and didn't receive the call.

The police first asked my name if this car was mine. I said yes and asked if I had any documents. I only brought money with me when I went out, but nothing else. There is a list of my tolls paid last year in the car, with my name and address on it. It suddenly occurred to me that my passport was in the bag, so I gave him my passport, and he took my passport to the car and verified my identity through the computer system. I asked him about meWhat's wrong?He said nothing, got into the driving position in my car and took a photo with the camera. Then come out and tell meSomething is hanging on my rearview mirror, GPS hung in the middle position, saying that it blocked the view of driving.

He asked meThree questions, Is your driver's license a Victorian driver's license or an international driver's license, I said yesInternational driver's license.He asked if he had brought his driver's license (because he didn't find it), so I answered NO. He asked me where the driver's license was (because I wanted the other one in my girlfriend's car), and I answered HOME. So he went back to the car and gave me two tickets.The first one is because something is hanging on the rearview mirror, $188. The second one is for driving without a license, $611.

I told him that we should drive the car aside and don't block the bus. So he told me to drive to a parking lot in front to wait for him. The first reaction after getting in the car is to remove the linked Fu and GPS first. After getting off the car, I asked him what I should do to mitigate the punishment. He pushed me away impatiently. Later, I couldn't help but let him go. Then I started the car and prepared to drive back, but after driving 100 meters, he stopped and said that I was driving without a license, so he said that he would give me another ticket and said that he would send it to my home. 我当时急坏了,恳求他放过我,我说我是学生,工资只有十几块一小时, 付不起这么多的罚单。 我说让我朋友把证件送过来我再开回去。

Editor's reminder:

First, make sure every time you travelDriver's license is to carryBecause in VictoriaDriving without a license is very serious, The fine is naturally not light, and the police will not be sympathetic. In addition, if you really forgot to find a way to send a friend to the scene, or bring your driver’s license and passport to the police station for clarification within 24 hours.

Australia is a country with strict laws and regulations, and there are countless cases of driving fines, but there are a few things you must pay attention to. Be a qualified Australian driver.

Melbourne driving tips-15 things to pay attention to when driving in Australia

1. Courtesy pedestrians, the largest pedestrian

In AustraliaPedestrians have priority over all vehicles,澳洲人是没有怕车的。行人后果很严重,尤其是有斑马线的地方。即使没有红绿灯,行人也可以优先行走,所以在各个路口看到有行人一定要停下来让行人先走。


2. Left and right are opposite

The driving direction in China/Taiwan is completely opposite to Australia.The Australian driver's seat is on the right, driving on the road on the left. Many people feel that they are heading in the wrong direction when they first come here, so be careful.


3. Follow the speed limit

Speeding police in Australia will certainly not be soft, so don't have any chances. And hereThe speed limit detection technology is also very advanced, even if the speed is exceeded by one kilometer, it will be detected.! Some road repairs and road warnings also need to slow down (especially those with warning signs will be notified by a sign). In general, the speed limit in the listed area is 50-60 kilometers, while schools are 40 kilometers. Expressways, suburban mountain roads and some "unmarked road sections" are mostly between 100 and 110 kilometers.


4. Priority for vehicles on the right

If encounteredNo traffic lights and no roundabouts,moreIntersection without any signs, Don’t panic, in AustraliaMain road goes first, branch road goes behindthe rules. If you can’t distinguish between the main road and the branch road, it’sThe car on the right has priority.If there are dozens of cars at the intersection on the right, you have to wait until all these cars are gone.

5. Do not grab the road around the island

In Australia, as long as you encounter a roundabout,The car on the left needs to let the car on the right go first.So as soon as you arrive at the roundabout, you must brake to a stop and wait for the traffic on the right to go first, and then find a chance to enter the roundabout. Moreover, you cannot change lanes at will in the roundabout. When you leave, turn on the turn signal so that the car from behind can understand your driving direction.

6. More one-way streets in big cities

Urban roads in most major cities in Australia are very narrow and there are many one-way streets. Drivers who are new to the city are advised to learn about the road conditions in the city.It is safer to check the double and single lane signs of each road before entering the city.

So, which way should I go? Misleading signals

7. Speed ​​conversion between suburbs and urban areas

一般开在郊区或山区的路上,限速都在100公里以上,但若前方有小城市,路上出现一个标示告诉你:You are about to enter the city, a few kilometers away and the speed needs to be reduced to 40 kilometers or 50 kilometers per hour.At this time, be sure to observe the signs and immediately slow down to the prescribed speed.


8. Hook turn

Because Melbourne has a very convenient tram system, it also has some unique driving regulations. HOOK TURN is the most typical example.If you see a HOOK TURN sign on the road and you happen to turn right, you need to turn right in the following way:

1. Pay attention to whether there is a "turning turn" sign at the intersection ahead. If there is, then follow the green light sign to keep to the left and drive forward, and pause on the left side of the intersection, which is the "waiting turn zone".

2. When the horizontal lane turns to the green light, you can move forward. Please note that some people will grab the yellow light when the yellow light in the straight lane turns, so you must wait until your horizontal lane turns to the green light before you can proceed.


9. When the car meets the big car

Driving on the road in Melbourne, if there is a tram on your right at the same time,When the tram stops, you also need to stop and wait for the passengers to get off.From the tramway across the road to the sidewalk,You can only continue driving when the tram is running again!In the suburbs, tramways usually do not have additional stops for "getting on and off", so passengers need to cross the road to the sidewalk. At this time... you must remember to stop and wait for the passengers on the tram to get off. In addition, you must not compete with buses and trams on the road.


10. Honk less

Horns are rarely heard in Australia, driving in AustraliaNot honk the hornIt is a courtesy. Most Australians may have forgotten the correct position of the horn.

11. Australian International Driving License Regulations

International students can apply for an "international driver's license" with their original driver's license, which can be used during the validity period of your visa. Victoria accepts NAATI driver’s license versions translated at any level, And bring it with your country’s driver’s license, there is no problem.


12. Car rental issues

Generally, drivers who rent a car in Australia need26 years of age or older; People under the age of 26 can also rent, but car insurance will be much more expensive than normal. When renting a car, please read the contract carefully and ask about the situation. Many car rental companies restrict the use range or kilometers. This must be asked clearly when renting a car, for example: Can it be cross-province or cross-city? What items are included in the insurance, etc.

13. Traffic Tickets

If you receive a ticket unfortunately,Pay at the designated location within a limited time,大部分是在邮局缴费。也有很多是私人的停车场,需要以电话或是以信用卡形式缴费(很多都可上网处理)。一般罚单背后详细说明。如果超过时限没按时缴费,会收到需要缴更高费用的罚单。If you repeatedly fail to pay the ticket, you may be restricted from leaving the country!


14. Parking

There are different parking signs in each city in Australia, and parking is usually the most annoying thing for drivers. When parking on the roadside, please read clearly the signs, charging standards, and available parking time (including week and hour, please note whether it is red or green), and you must also pay attention to some places that cannot park during peak hours.

General label1小时会写成 ”1P”,两小时写成”2P”,而1/4为15分钟, And so on, in each province in Australia, there are usually many people who issue tickets in cities and suburbs to issue tickets, so be careful.


15. Highway toll collection system

The highway toll system in each city in Australia is different, and Victoria has specialCity Link, the charging system,There is no toll station in this electronic toll collection system, and there is no need to stop and pay the toll in time, but there will be sensors to record the car number when passing the road section.On the section of road passing through City Link, remember to pay within 48 hours, otherwise there will be a high fine.The payment can be paid once, or unlimited times a day... The best way is to install an ETC for emergencies.


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  1. How many people in Australia can say that they have not received a fine?

  2. How many people in Australia can say that they have not received a fine?

  3. Then I would like to ask. For example, backpackers often move without a fixed address, how do they know if they have lost their tickets and have not paid them?

    • You can call or go to VicRoad to check the ticket status

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