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In the winter morning, the happiest thing for people rushing to work or school is to rush into a coffee shop.Listen to the cooing sound of the coffee machine, The moment a cup of coffee is delivered to your hand is the beginning and motivation of a new day. In suchIn the cold winter, coffee is the indispensable winter artifact in Melbourne! The streets of Melbourne in winter seem a bit cold, but when passing by the cafes on the streets, you can always see Melburnians holding a cup of coffee in the busy green morning or ordering a cup of coffee in the leisurely afternoon to relieve your greed.Today, I searched for the top 10 cafes in Melbourne, and quickly got into these warm cafes. With the fragrance of coffee, it must be more comfortable than being at home.!


10. Hash Specialty Coffee and Roasters
113 Hardware St, Melbourne VIC 3000
(03) 8529 0284


HASH is a new and popular cafe for brunch in Melbourne. They have so much to talk about. Once the business opened, it was very popular. To order coffee at their home, you can choose coffee beans provided by the store. And they have Melbourne’s unique coffee from Hash’s House Blend, light roasted three 90+ coffee beans, coffee with a touch of fruity aroma, you must try it in Melbourne! In addition to the fruity coffee, their signature chocolate is also my favorite in winter. (See below)

9. code Black
15-17 Weston Street, Brunswick, VIC 3056
(03) 9381 2330

Code black coffee has a strong "dark temperament" from the name, and the coffee and decorations here will impress you. Located in the artistic brunswick area, it uses an old factory building as the store door. The decoration of the store is based on the name of Diablo, using various warehouse-style soft furnishings. It is designed by Melbourne interior design company ZWEI Interiors Architecture to make the interior space look. It's simple and tough. In this way, the coffee made by modern cafes for customers also follows strict requirements. The quality of coffee in the store is managed by the famous Melbourne barista Brad Nixon. Seasonal coffee beans are also sold to customers in the store. You can order a cup and try it before you buy it.

8. Industry Bean
3/62 Rose Street, FITZROY, VIC, 3065

There is a saying that "the fragrance of wine is not afraid of the deep alley", for Industry Beans it is "the fragrance of coffee is not afraid of the deep alley". It took a lot of work for the editor to find the location of this cafe. Because it is located in Fitzroy, it attracts many young fashionable office workers as well as many nearby artists. At the same time, Industry Beans coffee beans are also the first choice of many cafes in Melbourne, and it was also selected as the supplier of The Age 2014 best roasted coffee beans. Unexpectedly, the small insudtry bean is also a coffee roasting shop, supplying a series of corporate products such as tea and juice. The industrial-style decoration equipment of the overall space is matched with the creative menu. The dishes on the menu use coffee in the cooking process.
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7. Axil Coffee Roaster
322 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn VIC 3122
(03) 9819 0091

Hawthorn's Axil Coffee Roasters is the main store in Melbourne. Unlike the city branch, the small and sophisticated space is suitable for take-out or a cup of coffee standing up. Hawthorn's store is more spacious, and the huge spray paint on the wall is made by local artist Adnate. hand. In 2008, Dave Makin (Dave Makin) from Axil Coffee won the second place in the WBC World Barista Competition, and since then started the world journey of Melbourne baristas.

6. Fifty Acres
65 Bridge Rd, Richmond VIC 3121
(03) 9421 0296

Fifty Acres is a typical Melbourne coffee shop, stylish interior design, extremely streamlined functional design, no redundant decoration, breathable design. As for the choice of coffee, Fifty Acres pays attention to the brewing of local ingredients. Their latte is Dianjun’s favorite drink, with a muffin, the sweetness is just right! The lunch category retains many dishes related to mushrooms. It is also a great pleasure to stroll around the shops.

5. Proud Mary
172 Oxford St, Collingwood VIC 3066
(03) 9417 5930

The popular and proud Mary, every Sunday, the parking space in front of the store is always streaming. It's not for no reason that Melburnians love this coffee shop. High-quality coffee beans from all over the world gather here, and the main dishes here are also very outstanding. Many people line up for their brunch, and the clerk recommends Hotcakes for this cold winter. The three medium-sized Hotcakes are soft and thick in texture, and have a full chew. Accompanied by roasted fresh figs, sour cheese, and plates of melted butter, it fills the mouth full of happiness.


4. Union St Brewers
1/34 Union St, Brunswick VIC 3056
(03) 9381 0857

Also located in the cafe in brunswick, union street brewers is not dark as code black, but has a light refreshing taste. The store uses light blue as the main color of the store, and it is suitable for small and fresh people who are suitable for art to taste coffee. The friendly staff here are happy to recommend today's special dishes for you. Of course, they will not forget their French toast. The simple toast is said to be the best toast in Melbourne. No wonder there are always no seats available!

3. Kettle Black
50 Albert Rd, South Melbourne
(03) 90880721

Kettle black is located in South Melbourne, where many office buildings are gathering places for white-collar workers in Melbourne. This unique interior design puts you in a post-modern garden. The eye-catching cafe stands between two high-rise buildings, and the Victorian-style facade is eye-catching. In addition to the aroma of coffee here, it attracts many diners. Because of the exquisite interior decoration, the store is often borrowed as a party venue. There are often company gatherings here. It is conceivable that the decoration here is Going tall.


2. Cup of truth
12 Campbell Arcade, Degraves Street Subway (under Flinders St), Melbourne

Cup of truth is the ancestor of this type of mini coffee stall. In a space of one by three square meters, it opens before 7 o'clock in the morning to brew the best coffee in the city and provide handmade pastries. I don’t know if you have noticed the underground walkway under the flinders train station. There is also a coffee shop that everyone in Melbourne knows about. In the cold morning, you can see this shop when you are in a hurry to go to work or school. Properly brings you the warmest coffee in the morning.

1. Patricia
Cnr Little Bourke & Little William St., Melbourne, VIC, 3000

It is also a small shop, located in laneway in Melbourne. It is the same "standing" coffee shop. Particia is located next to Movida Aqui. If you find this unique pilot, you must not miss Tim Varney, founder of Philharmonic. "The other Tim" specially made for Patricia, feel the best coffee in Melbourne. Doughboys Doughnuts are provided in the morning.

Finally, the coffee classification map is delivered. The composition of coffee is clear at a glance, and you will know what kind of coffee you want to drink next time.



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