Minority communities look forward to canceling the naturalization test

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The Government’s Citizenship Review Working Group received feedback that Australia’s “unsuccessful and benevolent” written naturalization test should be abolished and a more complete process should be adopted to guide immigration through courses on basic citizenship.

The Federation of Ethnic Communities' Councils of Australia believes that if the government is unwilling to cancel the eight-year naturalization test, it should at least reject the “discriminatory and unnecessary "proposal.

The written opinion submitted by the alliance stated that the proposal to sign a pledge of allegiance to Australia is also "very suspicious" because the legal effect of this pledge is not yet known.

It believes that written language testing is detrimental to immigrants whose education in their country of origin is interrupted, who are illiterate in their mother tongue, or can only speak and cannot write.

The submission stated that the elderly, the disabled, patients with post-traumatic stress disorder, get up and go back to work every morning and night, and full-time caregivers may not be able to squeeze time to go to language classes and master the knowledge they have learned.

The coalition opposes the inclusion of issues related to loyalty, rule of law, values ​​and democracy in the naturalization test. It believes that this is "unnecessary and exclusive" and may discriminate against immigrants from non-Western countries with different political systems and traditions.

The coalition urged the government to abolish the Howard’s “unsuccessful and benevolent” naturalization test and replace it with a “more complete, basic citizenship-based pre-naturalization process...so that immigrants who wish to obtain Australian citizenship can participate and obtain Help".

"The content of the exam should be limited to the practical aspects of Australian life that are beneficial to all new citizens, and those who were born in Australia have a reasonable chance of answering the correct questions."

The national discussion led by Liberal MPs Philip Ruddock and Concetta Fierravanti-Wells is ongoing.

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