Not everyone likes Australia! If you really want to immigrate, be sure to check here first‏

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For friends who want to immigrate to Australia, the old immigrants who have lived in Australia for many years remind you: If you come to Australia, you must like the way of life here; as long as you have the determination, you will definitely be able to stay!

So, what is the way of life in Australia? Let me tell you one by one:

1. Australia is quiet, and many things in Australia require you to DIY.

If you don't adapt to this lifestyle, or if you don't want to adapt yourself at all, then you still don't come!

2. Don't expect to come to Australia to get rich overnight.

In Australia, wealth accumulates slowly; as long as you are positive, diligent and diligent, you can buy a few houses in more than ten or twenty years... If you have relationships in China and are willing to take risks, maybe It is more likely to become rich overnight in China!

3. Regardless of whether you are poor or rich when you come to Australia, you have to prepare for at least five years to adapt.

If you were a poor person when you came, then in these five years, you may have to do all the physical work and live in any broken and squeezed house... But in five years, you can save at least 5 to 10 Australian dollars , Then you can use the money to pay for the down payment of the house. Maybe the first house you bought is small and the district is not very good, but you bought a house with your own labor after all. Please believe that maybe in 5 to 7 years, you can change to a better house in a better district!

If you were a rich man when you came, you can buy a luxury car and mansion when you get off the plane, but I'm sorry, but you have to prepare to spend five years to adapt. Because in Australia, you may not find a nanny who is obedient and obedient, and officials cannot follow you individually, so many things have to be done on their own; there is no one for you to shout, and no driver to help you drive or open the door. …There is not much disparity between the rich and the poor here in Australia, and your sense of superiority in the country can disappear here. Your English may not be very good, and you may be greeted by the locals...but five years later, you have adapted to the more equal lifestyle here!

4. In Australia, maybe the body is tired, but the heart is happy.

When you see children in Australia don’t have to carry such heavy schoolbags every day (especially for elementary school students), when you see children playing happily in the blue sky and green space, when you see children can enjoy When you breathe the freshest air...Do you think that the happiness of the whole family is stronger?

In China, if you want to buy a car, you must become an automotive expert; if you want to buy a house and decorate, you must become an expert in building materials; if you want to eat, you must become an expert in food quality control; if someone at home is sick, you must become a medical expert; Asking you to stare at your child's homework every day, you have become an education expert... Maybe, through these exercises, you have learned a lot, but do you feel tired?

5. To take root in Australia, you must make every effort to learn English well.

With the improvement of English, you will find that the range of jobs you can find is wider and higher, and the salary is getting higher and higher, not just doing physical work like when you first came. Australian employers often say that Chinese are smart, hardworking, obedient, rarely ask for leave, and manage too much better than locals... So if we Chinese are good at professional and English, getting a good job in Australia is nothing. Difficult things to climb to the sky!

Now that you come to Australia, you have to settle down and integrate into Australian society as much as possible; see how Australians live and listen to how they enjoy life. Over time, you will find that your values ​​have begun to have a certain change; you will find that you have begun to know how to make yourself feel the joy of life more happily! ! !


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