Scary! Masked thieves stole 70 Chinese diamonds, and they have been tracked for several days.‏

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On Tuesday afternoon, a couple of days after two Hong Kong Chinese jewellery salesmen were followed, a pair of masked thieves smashed a car window and stole platinum and diamonds worth 70 Australian dollars. According to the media, the thieves wore black hooded tops and carried guns when committing the crime.


At the time of the incident, they smashed the window of a small car parked on Avoca St. Two men were sitting in the car. The police revealed that after stealing two bags of jewels, the two criminals got in a blue Ford car and fled the scene of the crime.


A police spokesperson said that their last track was shown on Murphy St and heading north. "The police are investigating the jewelry theft. We call on anyone who knows the whereabouts of the thief or witnesses the crime to come forward and provide us with clues to solve the case." The spokesman said.

If anyone in the know, please call the fight crime hotline 1800 333 000 to contact the police or log in to to provide information

News compiled from "The Herald Sun"

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