Cambridge University Research|It turns out that your musical taste betrayed your ideas. See what kind of person you are?

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Whether you like rock, pop, blues, or light music, etc. In fact, your preference for music is always betraying your ideas. This view is not groundless, but the results of expert research from the University of Cambridge. How are you scared? You can guess a person's personality and thinking through music preferences. It seems that the codes of our bodies are being solved step by step with the development of technology.

According to the "Sydney Sun Herald", investigators have investigated how music preferences reflect personality and age in the past 20 years. For example, surveys show that those who like blues, jazz, classical and folk music are more willing to try new things. Those who like pop, soul, punk and electronic music are more cheerful and "amiable".

The survey was also published in the academic journal PLOS ONE. And the subject of the survey is still very tall, "cognitive mode". The survey mainly studies the influence of emotional communication skills or information processing skills in the field of cognitive models on music taste.

David Greenberg, a PhD student who participated in the survey, said that although our music tastes will change over time, we can already judge a person's preference for music through their emotional communication skills and way of thinking. In fact, a person's cognitive model, whether it is emotional communication or information processing ability, can be a good guess for their musical taste. But it is relatively difficult to guess personality.

Scientists surveyed more than 4000 students. Respondents were asked to complete a psychological questionnaire and then to rate 50 music. Researchers used 26 music types from library authorities to try to avoid students' subjective judgments about music preferences.


The survey found that students who like soft music are better at emotional communication, such as R&B, soul, and soft rock.Students who like strong music are better at information processing, such as punk and heavy metal rock.Conversely, cognitive ability also affects the taste of music.


The research also found that the masters of emotional communication prefer sad music, have deeper emotions, and lack vitality. The information processing experts prefer high-energy music, which is complex and vivid.

Jason Rentfrow, the senior author of the survey, said that the survey emphasized that music is a mirror of people. He said that music reflects who we are emotionally, socially and cognitively. The author said the survey also implies that clinicians who treat depression are masters of information processing.

The editor feels that although this is a psychological survey, it is of great significance to marketing. Because when marketers know that their customers like a certain type of music, then they can infer the customer's personality and characteristics. Knowing the customer's information can provide better services to customers. Therefore, I feel that if the scientist to be investigated is a businessman, this is a trade secret. I will never tell him for ordinary people.

Compiled by "Chinatown" trainee reporter Yao Meng

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